Invicta Men's Russian Spider Limited Edition Quartz GMT Polyurethane Bracelet Watch

Revel in Invicta's vivid crossroad where the Russian Diver meets the Sea Spider! Boasting the popular styling of the iconic Russian Diver case design with the lightweight patented thermo polymer Sea Spider bracelet, a new breed is born.

Choices: Black, Flame, Lime Green or Purple dial

The round gunmetal stainless steel case displays a fixed coin edged bezel. A screw down canteen style crown protector is attached with a chain. The Russian Diver logo in the dial correlating color is stamped on the painted case back. You'll also see your very own limited edition number on the back.

The enticing round carbon fiber dial comes in your choice of black, flame, lime green or purple. A luminous Tritnite spider logo shows at 12:00 and Tritnite stick index markers appear at the remaining hour positions. Tritnite Arabic numerals display at all even hour positions except 12:00. A 24 hour GMT scale surrounds the outer dial. Silver-tone hour and minute hands are accented with Tritnite as the seconds hand appears in silver-tone. The silver-tone GMT hand shows the spider tip, "Invicta" displays below 12:00 and a date window appears at 3:00. This function is propelled by a Swiss Parts Ronda 545.24H Quartz GMT movement.

The black polyurethane bracelet fits up to a 9-1/2" wrist. The polyurethane links resemble the weave of a spider's web, exhibiting stainless steel links that match the case color. "Invicta" and the logo are embossed on the deployant clasp. Brilliantly executed, this Russian Diver and Spider combination presents a fabulous look at a fabulous price!

  • Bracelet: Polyurethane
  • Movement: Swiss Parts Ronda 545.24H Quartz GMT
  • Crystal: Mineral
  • Crown: Push/Pull
  • Clasp: Deployant
  • Bracelet Measurements: 9-1/2" L x 26mm W
  • Case Measurements: 52mm
  • Water Resistance: 10 ATM - 100 meters - 330 feet
  • Model Numbers:
    Black: 0562
    Flame: 0563
    Lime Green: 0575
    Purple: 0564
  • UPC:
    Black: 843836005623
    Flame: 843836005631
    Lime Green: 843836005753
    Purple: 843836005647
  • Warranty: One year limited warranty by Invicta with the option to extend warranty to a total of five years.

    Additional Features: Watch comes packaged in Invicta watch box with instruction manual and warranty information.

    About Carbon Fiber:
    Known and appreciated for its strength, carbon fiber is created by bringing raw organic matter to a very high temperature. It is then added to synthetic resins until they are scorched or carbonized, producing a thin, strong, durable material. These qualities make it popular in producing structures where light materials are preferable and capable of enduring a great deal of tension. Carbon fiber is therefore common in the production of automobiles, aircrafts and buildings.

    To view the actual case size, Click Here.

  • Watches
    Bracelet Polyurethane
    Movement Swiss Parts Ronda 545.24H Quartz GMT
    Crystal Mineral
    Crown Push/Pull
    Clasp Deployant
    Bracelet Measurements 9-1/2" L x 26mm W
    Case Measurements 52mm
    Water Resistance 10 ATM - 100 meters - 330 feet
    Model Number Black: 0562
    Model Number Flame: 0563
    Model Number Lime Green: 0575
    Model Number Purple: 0564
    UPC Black: 843836005623
    UPC Flame: 843836005631
    UPC Lime Green: 843836005753
    UPC Purple: 843836005647
    Warranty One year limited warranty by Invicta with the option to extend warranty to a total of five years.
    Special Features Date window and GMT
    About Rubber:

    Originally harvested by the Aztecs and Mayans thousands of years ago, natural rubber comes from the sap of wild rubber trees native to Central and South America. It is collected manually by tapping, or cutting into their bark, to free the white sap known as latex. The latex is then shipped to factories where machines make it into everyday products. Highly valued for being waterproof, polyurethane rubber is an exceptionally strong form that conveniently absorbs color. It withstands abrasive environmental forces and is UV resistant, thus making it ideal for watches that will see a variety of surroundings.

    About Stainless Steel:

    Also called corrosion resistant steel, stainless steel is a steel alloy with added iron and chromium. The metal is rust-resistant, durable and highly lustrous. It has a similar appearance to platinum and polishes to a glistening sheen. Any scratches that may occur from day to day wear can be easily buffed away without endangering the piece. Please note, however, if the stainless steel is plated with another metal, the plating can wear off if rubbed excessively against hard surfaces.

    Stainless steel was first recognized in France in 1821 by metallurgist Pierre Berthier. After several corrosion-resistance related discoveries and patents in Europe and the United States, Harry Brearley in England discovered a modern blend of stainless steel alloy. When it was announced by The New York Times in January of 1915, he was officially credited with the invention of this impressive modern metal.

    The Commanding Presence of Invicta's Russian Diver Collection
    Originally created to honor the 1959 watch commissioned by the Russian Naval Fleet, Invicta's Russian Diver commands attention. Strikingly oversized with its complementing Signature crown protector and surgical stainless steel or titanium construction, the truly bold Russian Diver proudly possesses the distinction of being Invicta's largest timepiece. Equally comfortable scaling the heights of adventure or arriving for dinner, this Russian Diver will never be in doubt and will always be able to fulfill the orders of any mission.

    Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): Also referred to as Greenwich Meridian Time, the Greenwich Meridian Line is located at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England. It is the place from where all time zones are measured. Greenwich Mean Time is the average time that Earth takes to rotate from noon to noon. In this regard, GMT is thought of as "the world's time" and was once the basis with which every other zone set time. This is due to the fact that the Greenwich Meridian Line sits at the center of the time zone map at zero-degrees longitude. Even though GMT has been replaced by atomic time as the world's standard, it is still largely regarded as the correct time for every international time zone. GMT is also watch complication that allows the watch to display a separate time zone independent from the main dial.

    Quartz: Although not as mechanically complex as other engines, the quartz movement provides the most accurate and reliable time-keeping. This type of movement typically draws power from a battery and centers around a small vibrating chip of quartz crystal. When an electrical current, supplied from a battery, is applied to a quartz crystal, the current is distorted and creates a precise resonating frequency. Watchmakers employ the subsequent frequency to measure time. Some adaptations to the traditional quartz movement include introducing rotors and power cells in an effort to maintain the accuracy of quartz while eliminating the need for a battery. Quartz movements have been used in timepieces since the 1970s and are highly accurate, dependable and affordable.