Invicta 12-Piece Watch Tool & Sizing Kit

This universal kit allows you to size watches, switch out bracelets and straps, change some batteries and make minor repairs with ease! The band opener allows you to remove links from the watch band. A case opener helps you open some case backs to observe the intricate components within. Remove pins from your timepiece by using a pin tool and hammer. These items are accompanied by a plastic stand and screw drivers go with a variety of screws.

How to Use

  • Band Opener: This removes the links for the smaller size bands. Lay the bracelet flat on the cradle making sure that the arrows printed on the extension links face away from the tool's push pin. Make sure the link pin and the pin from the tool are properly aligned when pushing the pin out. Please refrain from pushing out at an angle, because the pin may break. Keep in mind that you do not need a lot of force to make these pins come out. If for any reason you are turning the knob and nothing is happening, stop and realign. To reconnect the links, simply push the closed part of the pin against the arrow.

  • Case Opener: This tool assists in removing a case back that is pressure closed. However, it should not be used if the case back is screwed down. Simply slide the tool through the small gap and pop the case back off.

  • Stand: Use this to hold the bracelet in place while hammering out the pin to remove or add links for larger sized bands. On the underside of the bracelet links, there will typically be an arrow pointing in direction the links should be pushed out. Position the pin pusher over the pin to be removed and tap the pin out from the top with the small hammer.

  • Pin Remover: This allows you to remove the band from the dial. Slip the tool between the band and the case where the spring bar is located. Then use this tool to unhook the spring bar thereby releasing the band.

    Package Includes

  • One Band opener
  • One Case opener
  • One Hammer
  • Two Punch pins
  • One Stand
  • One Pin remover
  • Five Screw drivers

    Model number: TSA9005

  • Eyal Lalo

    About the Collection
    Innovation. That single word characterizes Invicta perfectly. No other watch company brings more exciting new styles to market faster than Invicta. With a flair for the bold, Invicta designs transcend the obvious into a world of endless possibilities.

    Invicta is always one step ahead of the competition, leading the way with timepieces and features that go far beyond the mere tracking of time and date. Smart style, meticulous detail and superior craftsmanship define every Invicta watch. With a wide range of styles and prices, Invicta luxury watches are within reach for every consumer.

    Invicta was originally founded in 1837 with the belief that high quality, luxury timepieces and affordable pricing did not have to be mutually exclusive. After recognizing a need in the modern market, Invicta CEO Eyal Lalo reintroduced the brand in 1991. By staying true to its 150- year-old originating principle, Invicta has since become an innovative leader praised by industry experts, valued by savvy consumers, and adored by discerning collectors.

    For FAQs regarding Invicta's warranty click here.

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