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Paint Zoom Pro 925W 30 oz Portable Paint Sprayer

Say goodbye to rollers, brushes and the mess of paint trays! With your Paint Zoom Portable Paint Sprayer, all you do is pull the trigger and paint. The Paint Zoom paint sprayer does the hard work for you - painting in just minutes instead of the hours you would need with a brush and roller. No drips or errors! The belt hook feature gives you easier range of movement so you can paint, stain and varnish just like a pro!

Also included is a painter's kit that everyone should have before starting on a do-it-yourself project. The drop cloth protects your floors and furniture from paint splatters or accidents while the blue painter's tape gives you the perfect painting edge around corners, ceilings, windows and doors - every time!

  • Advanced spray technology delivers superior coverage
  • Reach tight corners and angles with three-way direct-dial spray head
  • More powerful motor delivers 925 watts of spraying power
  • Ultra light and portable

What's Included
  • Paint Sprayer (PZ300)
  • Spray Gun
  • Paint Container
  • Cover
  • Hose
  • Small Strap
  • Large Strap
  • Support Brace
  • Viscosity Cup
  • Five Disposable Funnels
  • Drop Cloths (2)
  • Tape Roll
  • Instruction Manual

  • Dimensions:
    Unit: 10-1/4"L x 6-1/4"W x 7-1/2"H
    Hose: 55"L
  • Weight: 3.2 lbs
  • Motor: 925 watt commercial-grade electrical motor
  • Capacity: 30 oz
  • Noise Level: Very loud (80dB+)
  • Warranty: Limited one-year warranty provided by Paint Zoom. Please call 1-800-871-8859.
  • Country of Origin: Made in China

  • Always test spray onto cardboard to set up the gun as the flow rate will vary depending on what you are spraying.
  • Evenly control the speed of movement of the spray gun. A fast speed will give a thin coat and a slow speed will give a heavy coat.
  • If spraying small areas or objects, keep the paint flow dial low as this will avoid excessive use of paints and will minimize over-spray.
  • Avoid stopping and starting when spraying a surface as this can lead to too much or not enough material on a surface.
  • To ensure edges are covered, commence spraying just to the side or above/below the area being sprayed.
  • If using a latex paint, regularly wipe the needle tip to ensure the airflow and paint flow are not restricted.
  • Refer to paint manufacturer's instructions for recommendations on paint thinning for a spray gun.
  • We recommended using a primer and to paint when the air temperature is above 50°;F for best results.

Please see the Care Instructions tab for important care information.

Please Note: For household use only. The support brace is not intended for use as a handle. Do not under any circumstances use the support brace to pick up or hold the motor base. This can result in injury or can cause damage to the unit.

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Please Note: Always comply with the safety instructions issued with this product and the material being used. To reduce the risk of electric shock and injury, do not expose to rain. Store indoors. Only use paints, solvents or other materials with a flash point of 73°F (22C) or higher. The materials used with this spray gun (paint, thinners, etc) may contain hazardous, harmful, explosive or corrosive materials. Always ensure there is adequate ventilation when spraying. NEVER spray near an open flame, including an appliance pilot flame. NEVER smoke near the spray gun, paint or other flammable objects. Always disconnect the unit from the electrical outlet when cleaning the spray gun. Always ensure the spray area is safe and free from all debris that may present a fire or fall hazard. NEVER, under any circumstances, point the spray gun at another person or animal. In the event of an injury, seek immediate medical attention. NEVER allow children or unauthorized users to operate or play with the spray equipment. Always read the paint manufacturer's thinning instructions before use. Always wear a protective face mask when spraying. We also recommend wearing gloves, goggles and overalls. You must clean the spray gun thoroughly after each use. Use only genuine manufacturer replacement parts. Use the spray equipment only as detailed in these instructions. Do not use the air hose or power cord to move the Paint Zoom Platinum unit. Check the hoses, hose connectors and power cord frequently. Any worn or damaged parts should be replaced immediately.

How to Clean
  • 1) Turn the unit OFF.
  • 2) Trigger the spray gun so that the material inside the spray gun flows back into the container.
  • 3) Unscrew the container. Empty any remaining material back into the paint container.
  • 4) Pour a small amount of the appropriate cleaning solution into the cup (warm, soapy water for latex materials; mineral spirits for oil-based materials).
  • 5) Attach the cup to the gun, turn on the motor base, spray the solution through the gun for 20 seconds in a safe area or until the solution looks clean.
  • 6) Turn unit OFF.
  • 7) Wipe the exterior of the cup and gun until clean.
  • 8) Unscrew the nut and remove the spray pattern dial and nozzle.
  • 9) Clean the container, suction tube, spray pattern dial & nozzle with a cleaning brush and the appropriate cleaner. Disassemble the spray gun when cleaning.