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Cook's Companion® 1500W 4.2 qt Ceramic Nonstick Air Fryer w/ Single Basket System

We heard you, customers! We've made this item even better by now making it with a ceramic nonstick basket. This means it's PFOA/PTFE-free and even easier to clean. We have updated the online description to denote this exciting change and appreciate your feedback. Enjoy!

Healthier, guilt-free fried food? Yes please - with this amazing air fryer you can indulge in all of your fried food cravings. Try this Air Fryer and fry food at home - quick, convenient and, most importantly, healthier. By using rapid hot air convection cooking technologies, this air fryer evenly circulates hot air to cook fresh or frozen foods, giving them the same crunchy bite and moist interiors produced by conventional deep fryers. Deep frying needs a lot of oil - I mean a lot! And once you are done frying, that oil needs to be disposed of properly. With this high-speed Air Fryer your food is never submerged in cooking oils or fats, so you have less intake of unhealthy grease and less waste.

But that's not all - your Air Fryer can bake, broil and steam a wide variety of foods, such as meats, vegetables, pizzas and even cakes. So get started with the great recipes in the included recipe booklet and enjoy, guilt-free! With the included crisping insert, you can even toast your food to the desired crunchiness. Do try the crunchy onion rings, "fried" mac and cheese balls, barbecue chicken or pork chops recipes that are included - delicious! With the large 4.2 qt cooking capacity, you can indulge yours as well as your family's fried food cravings - easily!

  • Air Fryer
  • Crisping Insert
  • One Trivet
  • Instruction and Recipe Booklet

  • Black: True black
  • Blue: Royal blue
  • Grey: Light grey
  • Merlot: Deep wine red
  • Mint: Mint green
  • Red: Scarlet red

Instruction Manual and Recipes

  • Cooking with little to no oil - healthier, less fat and oil waste than the average oil fryers
  • Fast cooking - can cook many different foods at 175°F-400°F temperature range
  • Large 4.2 qt cooking capacity for more food and more hot air circulation
  • Save time - 0-30 minute cook time for most foods
  • Ceramic nonstick coating on basket is PFOA/PTFE free and easy to clean
  • Individual timer and temperature control knobs
  • Easy operation with two adjustable dials for time and temperature.
  • Know when cooking is finished with the "ready" bell sound

Additional Information:
  • Dimensions: 12-1/2"H x 11"W x 11"D - 12.5 lbs
  • Power: 1500W / 120V / 60Hz; ETL Listed
  • Warranty: Limited one-year manufacturer's warranty. Please call 312-526-3760.
  • Country of Origin: China

Please see the Care Instructions tab for important care instructions.

Model Number
Model Number Black: CCAFJ42B
Model Number Blue: CCAFJ42BL
Model Number Grey: CCAFJ42MG
Model Number Merlot: CCAFJ42M
Model Number Mint: CCAFJ42MT
Model Number Red: CCAFJ42R

About the Collection
Rediscover the art of great cooking and create delicious, flavorful meals with Cook's Companion® - a signature line of high-quality kitchen essentials, exclusively available at EVINE Live. The must-have companion for all home cooks, this line offers everything from the latest innovative technologies to time-honored culinary necessities. From cookware and bakeware to small appliances, cutlery we have your kitchen covered.

Cook with friends with Cook's Companion.

Debra MurrayAbout the Guest
From a young age, Debra Ann Murray has been passionate about food and cooking. Growing up in rural New Hampshire, Debra's family tended a large annual garden which fed them throughout the year. In the spring, she would help collect sap to make maple syrup. Debra describes the experience, "I thought my Grandmother was a magician. No matter what we brought her from our gathering - whether berries, grapes, or things from the garden - she would transform them into the most delicious meal or baked goods. You could just feel the love that came from everything she made."

Over the following decades, Debra's passion for cooking and hospitality would grow. She would work in her family's sandwich shop, at catering companies and in restaurants and bars. Eventually, Debra took a job as a food stylist at a TV network. Working behind the scenes, she prepared meals for several on-air guests and high-profile personalities. The celebrities on the network took note of Debra's talents and hired her as their assistants and stylists.

Stepping out from behind the scenes, she soon took center stage, working side-by-side with her high-profile partners. As her career progressed, she authored nine cookbooks and began hosting shows. In 2013, Debra joined EVINE Live where she presents and demonstrates superior-quality kitchen products.

Care Instructions:
  • Remove the main plug from the wall socket and let the appliance cool down for at least 30 minutes.
  • Clean the appliance after every use. Do not clean the inside of the appliance with any metal kitchen utensils or abrasive cleaning materials, as this may damage the non-­stick coating.
  • Wipe the outside of the appliance with a moist cloth.
  • Clean the cooking chamber and crisping insert with hot water, some liquid detergent and a non-abrasive sponge. You can remove any remaining food residue with degreasing liquid.
  • Clean the inside of the appliance with hot water and a non-­abrasive sponge.
  • Clean the heating element with a cleaning brush to remove any food residue.