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Rotorazer Saw Set of Three Replacement Blades for Rotorazer Platinum Saw
Get the maximum out of your Rotorazer Platinum Saw. Your do-it-yourself projects will thank you for these precision cutting blades. This is one saw that cuts it all; powerful, versatile, light, durable. Make precision cuts in seconds! Use it for construction, remodeling, and for all your craft projects!

  • HW Tungsten Carbide Blade
  • High Speed Steel Blade
  • Diamond Blade

  • Three blades to cut through a variety of materials
  • Diamond Blade: No teeth; suitable for ceramics, plastics and tile
  • HW Tungsten Blade: 30 teeth; suitable for soft wood, hard wood, boards of any type and plastic
  • High Speed Steel Blade: 36 teeth; suitable for soft wood, soft metals such as aluminum, copper and plastic

Additional Information:
  • Dimensions:
    Diamond Blade for cutting Tile: 3-5/16" Diameter; 1/8" Thickness; 0.1 lb; 1" cutting depth
    HW Tungsten Carbide Blade for cutting Wood: 3-5/16" Diameter; 1/8" Thickness; 0.1 lb; 1" Cutting Depth
    High Speed Steel Blade for cutting Metal: 3-5/16" Diameter; 1/8" Thickness; 0.08 lb; 1" Cutting Depth
  • Care Instructions: Wipe clean

Please Note: Keep out of reach of children. Use all recommended protective gear when operating and handling Rotorazer Platinum Saw and blades.