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Deadliest Catch 30 qt Stainless Steel Stockpot w/ Steamer & Lid

Throw a lavish seafood party without that overwhelming fear of how to feed so many! This large 30 qt stockpot with a steamer basket and lid fits the bill in prepping for a huge food fest! Steam and boil your freshly-caught lobsters and crabs or steam corn on the cob, potatoes and other vegetables. Cook jambalayas or stews without the basket for your next block party!

This stockpot - with the Deadliest Catch logo - will come in handy for any occasion that requires cooking a lot of food! Compatible on all cooking surfaces including iInduction, gas, electric and ceramic glass. The premium stainless steel resists discoloration from boiling water and is a great conductor of heat for even cooking. Make your crab feasts more enjoyable with the Discovery Channel's hit reality series "Deadliest Catch"-inspired accessories and go for a daring culinary adventure anytime!

  • One 30 qt Stockpot
  • One Steamer
  • One Glass Lid

  • 30 qt capacity
  • Durable high quality stainless steel
  • Comes with glass lid for quick steaming and boiling
  • Stock pot features Deadliest Catch logo
  • Lid is oven safe up to 350° F
  • Compatible on all cooking surfaces (Induction, gas, electric, ceramic glass)
  • Hand wash only to prolong life and shine of your cookware

Additional Information:
  • Dimensions:
    Stockpot: 17"L x 13"W x 15-1/2"H - 9.58 lbs
    Steamer Basket: 12-1/2"H x 11-1/2" Diameter - 4.22 lbs
    Glass Lid: 3-3/4"H x 13" Diameter - 2.76 lbs
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Care Instructions: Always preheat your cookware and use medium high heat when cooking food. This helps preserve the nutrients in food. Preheating requires oil, water or food to be in the pan. Dishwasher safe but hand washing is recommended and will prolong the cookware's beauty. Use a soft towel or sponge. Do not use abrasive or harsh cleaners.
  • Country of Origin: China

©2015 Discovery Communications, LLC. Discovery Channel, Deadliest Catch and related logos are trademarks of Discovery Communications, LLC, used under license. All rights reserved.

Please Note: Manufactured in a facility that processes nut and dairy products. Cannot ship to PO Boxes and cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands or Guam.


How much cookware you need depends largely upon how often you cook, how many people you cook for and how elaborate your meals tend to be. It's very frustrating when you find yourself in the middle of preparing a big dinner and in need of one more saucepan, but you just don't have it. On the other hand, it can be very easy to accumulate far more cookware than you actually need.

The Basics
Most people will who do even a small amount of cooking will find a lot of uses for a couple of different size saucepans and a couple of different size skillets. Tight-fitting lids for the saucepans are also important when preparing dishes such as rice.

Beyond the Basics
You can prepare a lot of wonderful meals with just a few pans, but chances are you're going to need some other pieces at some point. Many cookware sets will include at least some of these items:

  • Dutch Oven
    This is a large pot with two handles and a tight-fitting lid. It can be used on the stovetop or in the oven. A dutch oven is excellent for preparing large meals such as pot roast or beef stew.

  • Griddle
    A griddle lets you turn one or two of your stove burners into a smooth, flat cooking surface that's ideal for foods such as pancakes, french toast and more.
  • Large Saute Pan
    A large saute pan, especially one with a tight-fitting lid, is a very useful addition to your kitchen because it can allow you to prepare an entire meal in one pan.

  • Pasta Insert
    This is similar to a steamer insert, except a pasta insert is designed to let the food, such as raw pasta, be submerged in boiling water instead of just sitting on top of it. The advantage to a pasta insert is that it is very easy to remove the food from the boiling water once it's cooked?all you have to do is lift out the insert!

  • Steamer Insert
    This is a perforated pan that fits inside another saucepan. You can place food, such as raw vegetables, in the steamer insert and then place that in a regular saucepan that is partially filled with boiling water. The holes in the steamer insert will then let steam from the boiling water cook the food. Steaming is a very healthy way to prepare food because it doesn't involve adding any fat.

  • Stock Pot
    A stock pot is a very large, tall cooking pot usually with two handles and a tight-fitting lid. Stock pots are primarily used for preparing soups, sauces or stocks in large quantities.

  • Tajine
    Originally a heavy, unglazed clay pot, the tajine was used by nomads across Morocco and North Africa. Today it can be found crafted from a variety of materials including earthenware, cast iron and clay. It features a round shallow-sided base with a conical lid. This uniquely shaped lid is what makes it perfect for slow, low-heat cooking - the circulating steam condenses on the inside of the lid and then that moisture "bastes" the cooking food to keep it moist and tender.

About the Collection
Prepare to feast with Deadliest Catch star Captain Sig Hansen! From boat to table, Discovery Channel's hit reality series brings you an exclusive line of seafood inspired by the Captain's adventures. Join Sig as he shares personal stories and close calls - while preparing awesome, mouth-watering dishes. Enjoy amazing appetizers and entrees of Alaskan King crab legs, snow crab, jumbo lump crab cakes, Steak Oscar varieties and more.

Get ready for a tasty ride with Deadliest Catch.

Sig HansenAbout the Guest
The son of a Norwegian fisherman, Captain Sig Hansen began fishing at age 14. After finishing high school, Sig took up fishing full time and at 22, he was already enough of a veteran to serve as a relief captain on the Northwestern, his family's boat. Four years later, he became the boat's full-time captain and one of the youngest ever to take command.

For nearly two decades, Sig has seen to it that the Northwestern is one of the Alaskan crab industry's top producers. He considers this performance essential, but he'll tell you that a greater accomplishment by far is the lack of any major accidents onboard the Northwestern.

A hard-driving captain, Sig pushes himself and his crew to work grueling hours under extreme conditions. He's a fatherly and compassionate man who puts a premium on family responsibility. This year, Sig will be training his brother Edgar to take over as captain of the Northwestern.

All photos credited to Discovery Communications.

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