MistyMate® Set of Four 1 oz Reusable Personal Cooling Misters
Cool down in an instant! With the ultra-compact MistyMate personal mister, staying cool has never been easier. The battery-free MistyMate pressurizes easily by hand and with a push of a button it propels an ultra fine mist that creates an instant cooling sensation that has to be felt to be believed. With a fluid capacity of 1 oz, this reusable mister is constructed of high-grade components to deliver a continuous stream of ultra-fine mist on command. Its compact design lets you carry it where ever you go. Simply slip it into your pocket or bag and you are ready for a cool mist after a spirited bike ride or a round of golf.

Easy to use: Fill the Misty bottle to the designated line - do not overfill the bottle. Replace the cap. Extend the base four to seven times to pressurize. Do not over pump. Simply press the button for mist. Viola! Cool mist envelops you in its soothing haze.

  • Four Personal Cooling Misters

  • No batteries required
  • Easily pressurizes with built in hand pump
  • Press button for mist
  • Reusable
  • Helps to cool your personal air space
  • 1 oz water capacity
  • Ultra-slim design - easy to carry with you
  • Has attached lanyard for easy transport

Additional Information
  • Materials: Plastic and nylon
  • Dimensions: 5.74"L x 1.125"W
  • Warranty: One-year limited manufacturer's; 800-233-6478
  • Country of Origin: China