MistyMate® Cool Camper™ Portable Misting System w/ 10' Lead Line
Enjoy the outdoors in the hot summer months without sweating too much about it! The totally portable Cool Camper™ outdoor misting system provides a cool environment from the heat wherever you need it. The Cool Camper comes with clip-on attachments for easy "set up" and "take down" - and includes a portable water tank for when you can't find a water source or when you're "off the grid". Provides 10' of lead line and 6' of mist line to cool the ambient temperature. Water tank holds over 2 gallons. Don't leave home without it!

  • Cool Camper
  • Four Nozzles
  • Four Alligator Clips
  • Gasket
  • Strap
  • Instruction
  • Warranty Card

  • Completely portable
  • Helps cool ambient air
  • No electricity or batteries required
  • Six feet of misting line with four misting nozzles
  • Pre-assembled 10 foot lead line
  • Ideal for pop-up tents, canopies, RV's & motor homes, boats, awnings, dug-outs, tailgating, sporting events and more
  • Allows you to run a full misting line when you don't have access to a water source
  • Markings up to 8 liters with a MAX fill line
  • On/off valve

Additional Information
  • Materials: Plastic and nylon
  • Dimensions: 21-1/4"L x 7"W; 3.2 lbs
  • Assembly Time: Five Minutes
  • Warranty: One-year limited manufacturer's; 800-233-6478
  • Country of Origin: China

Care Instructions: Never open the cap after you have applied pressure to the bottle or pumped it at all. De-pressurize unit first. Using water with impurities can severely shorten the life of the nozzles and misting system. Use cleanest water with this product (purified or distilled). Always flush system with water before using again. For proper drainage and drying, leave the on/off valve on the mist line in the ON position. Store all components in a clean, dry area.

How to Install MistyMate Cool Camper:
Unscrew the Cap Unscrew and remove pump handle/cap assembly from the top of the bottle by twisting the handle in counter-clockwise direction. Fill the Bottle Remove cap and add water to bottle up to the MAX fill line. Note: Overfilling bottle will restrict mister from pressurizing to its maximum potential. Screw pump handle/cap assembly back into top of bottle in a clockwise direction. Firmly hand tighten. Note: Applying too much force when screwing on the cap can damage the unit. Be sure not to over-rotate the cap.
Pressurize and mist turn pump handle so that it unlocks from its stops. Then hold the bottle firmly with one hand and gently pump the handle up and down to pressurize tank (approximately 5-10 strokes). It is normal to feel resistance as the bottle gains more and more pressure. Note: Damage can occur if the shaft is pumped with too much force. Handle will not fit comfortably inside the bottle if too much pressure is applied. Use alligator clips to attach mist line to desired area. Screw a nozzle into each nozzle fitting located on mist line. After pressurizing bottle, lock pump handle back into bottle by turning clockwise. To start misting, turn on/off valve on mist line (located near bottle) to ON position.
Apply more pressure to bottle as needed to maintain your desired level of mist. To stop misting, turn the on/off valve to the OFF position. Release Pressure To release pressure from bottle, lift up on the red button. Always release pressure in bottle before dismantling. Never leave pressurized bottle unattended.

Please Note: As this item emits water, please keep any items that are sensitive to water away from the area. Some water may exit from the tubing near the nozzles depending on the orientation. Slight adjustments generally correct this. Do not over-pressurize.