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GPX® CD/Karaoke Multi Media Player w/ Built-in Display & Microphone

Get the party started or break the ice with the GPX® Karaoke Machine! It features a sleek 5" black-and-white monitor display and a convenient top-loading disc player, which is compatible with CD+G, CD and CD-R/RW discs. Its high-powered, built-in speaker provides incredible clarity, while the automatic voice control, echo control and balance control options give you a personalized karaoke experience.
What's Included
  • GPX® CD/Karaoke Multi Media Player w/ Built-in Display & Microphone (JM332B)
  • One 6.3mm Microphone with Insert
  • RCA Video Cable
  • RCA Stereo Audio Cable
  • AC/DC Power Adapter
  • User Guide
  • $10 eMusic Offer
  • Free Karaoke CD+G Disc Offer

Inputs: One composite video, two 6.3mm microphone, two RCA stereo and one DC power
Outputs: One composite video and two RCA stereo outputs

  • Dimensions: 15.6"H x 11.6"W x 8.7"D
  • Weight: 7.2 lbs
  • Made in China

90 day limited warranty provided by GPX (1-888-999-4215)

Requirements for Use: A CD (not included) or a CD+G to display lyrics (physical disk is not included, but disk offer is)

Please Note: The eMusic offer is only available to first-time users who are 18+. This unit is not compatible with MP3 CDs. AVC is used with non-CD+G disc to help minimize the recorded vocals of a selected track. AVC only works as your voice passes through the microphone to help reduce or eliminate the original recorded vocals frequencies. If a voice is not passing through the microphone when adjusting the AVC control, no notable difference can be detected to the track as the circuitry needs your voice to modify the audio frequencies.