Kalorik Calman 14.4V Rechargeable Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner w/ Dry Mop Function

Black or Blue
This sleek little robot from Kalorik zips around furniture with ease, sucking up dust where regular vacuums can't reach. To efficiently navigate rooms and clean every corner, the vacuum is chock-full of sensors, including an anti-dropping sensor that prevents it from careening down stairs and a front bumper that lets it feel its way around table legs. The vacuum's soft rubber tires don't mar hardwood floors or chew up carpets as it zooms back and forth across rooms, and the device operates while making only 70 dB of noise, which is below most normal vacuums.

  • Designed with a large flexible bumper on the front. Robot turns when meeting an obstacle
  • Can be equipped with mop cloth to clean hard floors
  • Anti-dropping sensor can help prevent the machine dropping from stairs or elevated surfaces
  • Wheels with soft rubber tires will not damage floors
  • With auto-navigation and intelligence function, rooms can be cleaned automatically with the flick of a switch
  • Low noise levels with only 70 decibels of noise emitted is below that of most ordinary vacuum cleaners
  • Simple on/off switch
  • Works on carpeted and hard floors.

Additional Information:
  • Note: Before using your vacuum cleaner for the first time, charge the battery for approximately 12 hours. For every charge after the initial charge only nine hours of continuous charge is required to have a full battery. A fully charged battery will give approximately 30 minutes of continuous vacuum cleaning.

  • Installing a Mop Cloth: Using a flat screwdriver, remove gently the mop fixation board which is holding with two side tabs. With the same flat screwdriver, insert the four corners of the mop cloth into the clamps at the back of the board. Replace the board on the unit by inserting the side tabs in the holes near the side wheels, making sure the two springs are placed in the depression at the bottom of the unit.

  • Using Your Vacuum Cleaner:Once your appliance is fully charged, remove the charger from the wall outlet and unplug the other end from the unit. Place the unit on a flat surface to clean, ideally a hard floor. Please avoid using on long hair carpets or rugs. -Switch it on by pressing the On/Off switch. The red and green light are blinking alternatively and the unit will start moving forward and vacuuming. After a while the whole room will be cleaned completely. If the unit gets stuck against an obstacle, like a big rug, just press gently on the bumper so that the unit changes direction and keeps vacuuming. The unit is equipped with a stairs detector that will stop the unit and prohibit letting it fall down the stairs. Please note that this feature is only activated a few seconds after the unit is switched on, so do not start vacuuming in stairs, or in high places like a table, or the unit might fall.

Measures 4.125"H x 12.5"W x 12.25"D; Rechargeable battery:14.4V NI-MH 800 mAh

Please see the above tab for Care Instructions.

Vendor Warranty Terms: One-year limited manufacturer's; 1-888-521-8326; http://www.kalorik.com/warranty.php

Made in China
Care Instructions:
Cleaning the filter and the dust containers after each use is extremely important as it allows for optimal use of your appliance and eliminates the unpleasantness of bad smells. Remove the dust box lid by pressing on the two dust box opening buttons simultaneously. Place the dust box over a trash container or bag before proceeding further. Gently lift a tab on the lid to remove it and open the dust box. Remove the filter. Discard the dust/content of the dust box into the trash container. Wash the dust box under water in the sink and pat it dry after cleaning. Brush the filter with an old toothbrush for example to remove dust particles or hair that might be sticking to it. Replace the filter in the dry dust box, and then snap the lid back into place. Once the dust box is reassembled, place it back into the unit, until you hear a clicking noise. Do no use the vacuum cleaner if the filter is wet. If filter is wet, let air dry first.

Please Note: The battery pack needs to be installed in the appliance before use (see user manual for details)! Preferably use on flat hard floors and avoid using on long hair carpets or rugs. Put aside loose or small objects scattered on the floor before cleaning (Examples: clothes, newspapers, etc.) Remove any sharp object from the surfaces to be cleaned. -Do not stand on or put any foreign object on the vacuum cleaner. Do not use in extremely dirty areas or to pick up cement dust.