Apple® iPad Air 9.7" Wi-Fi Tablet w/ Accessories, MealEasy & Better Photo Voucher

Experience the power, performance, and thoughtful design synonymous with Apple in this lightning fast, ultra-intuitive iPad Air! Powered by Apple's A7 64-bit processor, the iPad Air delivers a beautiful 9.7" display, dual cameras, advanced Wi-Fi, iOS 7 and more. Along with the iPad, you'll also receive a collection of useful accessories to expand the potential of your new tablet.
  • Black or Silver iPad Air Tablet
  • Black, Red, Purple, or Blue Keyboard Case
  • 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB Size

  • 9.7" LED-backlit Multi-Touch display with IPS technology (Resolution: 2048 x 1536)
  • Apple A7 64-Bit Processor
  • Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) Connectivity - Dual Band 2.4GHz & 5GHz on Wireless N
  • Bluetooth® 4.0 Enabled
  • iOS 7 Operating System
  • 1.2MP Front-Facing FaceTime HD Camera & Rear-Facing 5MP iSight Camera
  • Integrated Speaker & Microphone
  • Collection of Intuitive On-Board Apps
  • Access to the Apple App Store & iTunes

Ports: (1) Lightning Data/Power Connector, (1) 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack

Beautiful Retina Display
The stunning LED-backlit Retina display delivers razor sharp text, vibrant colors and richly detailed photos and videos.

iSight Camera & FaceTime HD Camera
Designed with cutting-edge technology the rear-facing iSight camera with face detection lets you shoot gorgeous 5MP still photos and 1080p HD video while the 1.2MP front-facing FaceTime HD camera supports 720p resolution.

Advanced Wi-Fi
With two antennas, MIMO technology, and dual band (2.4GHz & 5.0GHz) Wireless N compatibility, iPad Air keeps you connected to your online content through available high-speed wireless networks.

Siri the Intelligent Assistant
Siri not only understands what you say, it knows what you mean and figures out the right apps to use to find you the right answer.

Accessories to Enhance Your iPad Air
This offer also includes a protective case with Bluetooth wireless keyboard, speaker ball, earbuds, two styluses, car charger, audio splitter, and screen protector to help you get the most out of your new iPad Air.

One Year MealEasy Voucher
Let MealEasy help take the guessing out of planning your family meals with personalized meal plans for the whole family. MealEasy features over 2000 chef-designed healthy meals to choose from and plans including those focusing on balanced, heart healthy, diabetes, vegetarian, or gluten-free specifications. Get automatic shopping lists based on your selections and access MealEasy easily from your compatible computer, smart phone or tablet.

One Year Better Photography 101 Voucher
Learn how to take great pictures consistently whether you're a new to the world of photography or have been snapping shots for years. Access your online course on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Convenient video lessons cover the basics, composition and lighting.

You will receive
  • Apple iPad Air Tablet (A1474)
  • AC Adapter
  • USB Lightning Cable
  • Welcome Insert
  • iPad Info Insert
  • Apple stickers
  • MealEasy Voucher
  • Better Photography 101 Voucher
  • Bluetooth Keyboard Case
  • Speaker Ball
  • Two Styluses
  • Earbuds
  • Car Charger
  • Audio Splitter
  • Screen Protector

iPad Air Dimensions: 11"L x 9.45"W x 0.375"H
Weight: 1.04 lbs
Made in China

iPad Air Warranty: One year limited manufacturer's warranty provided by Apple. For warranty support, please call: 1-800-275-2273.
Apple Branded Accessories: 90 day limited warranty provided by Apple. For warranty support, please call: 1-800-275-2273.
Additional Accessories Warranty: One year limited warranty provided by Tug Innovate.

Please Note: After OS and preloaded software, total available storage space will be less than stated, for example the 16GB iPad Air has a total available storage space of approximately 11.5GB. Charging via USB may not work on all computers. For best charging results, use provided AC adapter.

For important details about this offer, please view the Additional Information tab above.

AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port): A computer with an AGP will allow you to add a video card that will greatly increase the speed at which the computer can display graphics.

Bus: Refers to the path data travels on through a computer. Different computer models can have different bus speeds.

CD-R (Compact Disk Recordable): This is a CD that can be recorded or "burned" only once.

CD-ROM (Compact Disk Read Only Memory): A CD that stores information a computer can read but not alter. A CD can hold less information than a DVD but is also less expensive.

CD-RW (Compact Disk Re-Writable): This is a CD that can be recorded and re-recorded many times.

DVD-ROM (Digital Video Disk Read Only Memory): A DVD that stores information a computer can read but not alter. A DVD can hold more information than a CD.

DVD-RW (Digital Video Disk Re-Writable): This is a DVD that can store computer information that can be recorded and re-recorded many times. A DVD can hold more information than a CD.

Ethernet: A common method of connecting computers to a Local Area Network or LAN. Most computers today have ethernet capability.

Gigabyte (GB): This is a measurement of hard drive capacity. One gigabyte is equal to about one billion bytes.

Gigahertz (GHz): This is a measurement of processor speed. One gigahertz is equal to one billion hertz.

Hard drive: Also called a hard disk. This is where the computer permanently stores information, including the operating system and other software. This size of a hard drive is usually expressed in gigabytes (GB).

Hardware: The physical components of a computer system such as the keyboard, monitor and tower.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display): This is a type of monitor that has a flat screen as opposed to a more traditional curved glass tube screen. LCD monitors are thin and lightweight and have little to no glare.

Megabyte (MB): This is a measurement of hard drive capacity. One megabyte is equal to about one million bytes.

Megahertz (MHz): This is a measurement of processor speed. One gigahertz is equal to one million hertz.

Memory: Also referred to as RAM, or Random Access Memory. This is where the computer temporarily holds the data it needs to perform various functions. The more RAM a computer has, the less often it has to read information off of a disk.

Modem (MOdulator/DEModulator): This is a device that allows a computer to connect to the Internet.

PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect): A computer can have one or more PCI slots, which allow you add on extra components such as sound cards.

Processor: The computer's "brain." Processors are gauged by how fast they can access and interpret information, and this speed is measured in either megahertz (MHz) or gigahertz (GHz).

RAM (Random Access Memory): The amount of RAM in your computer determines how much data your computer can handle at once. If a computer only has a small amount of RAM, the processor must work harder to shuffle data around, which results in slower performance. There are two basic types of RAM:

SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory): This is the traditional, less expensive type of RAM. It is still commonly found on low and mid-range models.

DDR (Double Data Rate): This newer technology is faster than SDRAM, but also more expensive.

Resolution: The number of pixels per square inch displayed by a monitor. Most monitors support many different resolutions. The higher the resolution, the sharper the picture displayed.

Scanner: A device that can read text or images printed on paper (including photographs) and translate the information into an electronic computer file.

SCSI (Small Computer System Interface): Pronounced "scuzzy," this is a way for external components such as a keyboard, mouse and printer to connect to a computer. It has been largely replaced by USB technology.

Software: A general term for computer programs.

USB (Universal Serial Bus): This is a common way for external components such as a keyboard, mouse and printer to connect to a computer. Unlike older SCSI technology, USB devices can be added to and removed without having to reboot the computer.

A7 Processor
Structured around 64-bit architecture, the Apple A7 chip delivers remarkable performance with super fast response.

Bluetooth 4.0 Enabled
Expand the potential of your iPad Air using Bluetooth technology to pair with a range of compatible peripherals including keyboards, speakers, headphones and more.

Bluetooth Keyboard Case
Help defend your new iPad Air from the dangers of life on the move and type wirelessly without touching the screen using the built-in wireless Bluetooth enabled keyboard. Keyboard charges via micro USB port.

Speaker Ball
Plug the ultra portable speaker ball into any standard size headphone jack and listen to your audio in style. The speaker ball is small and lightweight and easily fits into your pocket. Dimensions: 2"L x 2"W x 1.5"H

Featuring a rubber tip the works on all capacitive touch screens, these thin, lightweight styluses are easy for on-the-go reading, web-browsing, and play. Note: You may need to apply a bit of pressure for the styluses to register on the screen.

These earbuds offer a personal, quiet listening experience and plug into any standard headphone jack. Rubber ends help to provide a comfortable fit and a long cord offers the freedom to move around as needed. Built-in controls include pause and play so you can resume the tunes without touching your iPad.

Car charger
This handy charger plugs right into your car's 12V outlet to charge your device using one of two available USB ports. For your convenience, two devices can be charged at the same time.

No more need to share earbuds, each person can plug in their own pair for an individual stereo experience. Share your music experience with your friends and family by separating the audio into two sets of headphones.

Screen Protector
Help keep your device's screen looking good with this screen protector.