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Mobilegro® Three-Tier Portable 40" Garden Cart

A Mobilegro Vegetable/Garden Cart is the latest on-trend, must-have garden product that will virtually be a total game changer for you! This cart turns wasted space or virtical space into a productive garden. Perfect for city dwellers, renters, people with physical constraints, people with pre-existing landscaped back yards, great balcony or patio gardens. Great for organic gardening enthusiasts, the can control soil, nutrients, enviroments perfect for people with time constraints. No more sore backs or knees. Better yet, its considered works of art with classy designs.

  • Tree - side gallery features tree cut-out design.
  • Modern - side gallery features a modern geometric cut-out design.

  • Locking feature on wheels.
  • Shelves behind the planter box for storage.
  • Cascading drainage into pans below and collected at the bottom, water can be recycled will not mess up flooring or decks.
  • You can plant directly or place potted plants in it that can be changed out.
  • Planter box measurements: 11"H x 36"W x 10.5"D
  • Overal measurements: 32"L x 36"W x 40"H; weighs 70 lbs.
  • Low level of assembly (10-15 minutes).

Only use lightweight potting soil. Do not use regular dirt. Do not climb, lean or step on cart. For indoor/outdoor use.

Made in China.