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Veridian 360° Heating or Icing Reusable Gel Sleeve for Temporary Pain Relief
The gel sleeve surrounds the treatment area and delivers soothing comfort and compression, while helping to relieve pain and swelling. This product has multiple applications and is freeze, refrigerate, hot water or microwave safe.

A durable clinical grade polyurethane gel sleeve ensures the contents remain flexible and conform to body contours. The easy roll-on design allows for hands free application. Non-toxic, latex-free sleeve includes a cotton compression sleeve to prevent direct contact to skin.

  • Finger - For Fingers
  • Small - For Hand, Wrist, or Arm
  • Medium - For Ankle, Foot, or Elbow
  • Large - For Foot, Calf, or Knee

Model Numbers: Finger (VER600800F003), Small(VER600800F004), Medium (VER600800F005), Large (VER600800F006)
Made in China

Warranty: One year limited warranty provided by Veridian Healthcare. For warranty support, please call: 1-866-736-3330.

Please Note: Always consult your healthcare professional on advice for treatment of chronic conditions. Do not apply directly to the skin. Please read and follow all instructions included with the product.