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MachSpeed MyBuds Pro Earbuds w/ Home & Student App Pack Kit

Get the most out of your digital device with the MachSpeed MyBuds Pro Earbuds and Home and Student App Pack!

MachSpeed MyBuds Pro EarBuds
These metal in-ear headphones are sturdier than plastic, but each earbud still only weighs 2 oz. Combined with gel-cushion silicone tips that form a sound-preserving seal, this lightweight design provides a comfortable fit during extended-wear scenarios such as commuting, working in a noisy office, etc. The connector snaps into any device with a 3.5 mm audio jack, such as an MP3 player or smartphone.

20 Song eMusic Download
Since eMusic started as the first online music store in 1998, they have realized that members are not just amassing singles-they're cultivating a collection. Their catalog of downloads includes many familiar and off-the-beaten path releases from both major and independent labels. eMusic's catalog is as diverse as your tastes. So they make sure the 17+ million tracks reflect that-including new and vintage albums from indie and major labels, spanning a breadth of genres.

Your Choice of a Foreign Language!
You can now learn English, Spanish, French or German on the go with the Learn to Speak MP3 Audio course. The Learn to Speak MP3 Audio course has been helping millions of people world-wide learn a foreign language using the full audio course. Learn a new language on your commute, in your car, or wherever you can take your iPod or MP3 player, we have you covered. The Learn to Speak MP3 Audio course is fast, effective and will help to get you speaking English, Spanish, French or German quickly!

One Year Easy DSLR Blue Membership
The Easy DSLR Blue Membership has the basics you need to get up and running with your Digital Single Lens Reflex. This course has over 4 hours of training and is great for beginners who are picking up a camera for the first time to experienced professionals who will learn a new tip and trick.

You will receive
  • MachSpeed MyBuds Pro Earbuds
  • Four Pairs of Differen Sized Silicone Earbuds Covers
  • Home & Student App Pack Kit

MachSpeed MyBuds Pro EarBuds Warranty: One year limited manufacturer's warranty (1-580-272-0035)
Home & Student App Pack Support (1-312-262-0026)

Please note: Some software may require a credit card/account to use. You won't be billed until after the terms of bundle software have expired. eMusic offer open to new users only.