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Lexibook 2.5” LCD Cyber Console Center w/ 200 Built-in Games

Get hundreds of your favorite games on the ultra-portable Cyber Console Gaming Center! Completely portable, the device delivers great classic-style video games in a hand held console. The 2-1/2" LCD color screen delivers 16 bit graphics for the 200 games including sports, racing, memory, rapidity, cards and more. The device automatically shuts-off if there is no activity which helps maintain the battery life.

You will receive
  • Cyber Console Gaming Center (JL2050)
  • User Guide

Product Requirements: Three (3) "AAA" batteries (Included)

Dimensions: 2-1/4"H x 4-11/16"W x 1-1/8"D
Weight: 0.15 lbs
Made in China

Warranty: Six month limited warranty (1-866-654-7008)


Please note: Only use a soft, slightly damp cloth to clean the unit. Do not use detergents. Do not expose the unit to direct sunlight or any heat source. Do not immerse in water. Do not dismantle or drop.

Gaming Systems:

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Playstation Move
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Kinect brings games and entertainment to life in extraordinary new ways without using a controller. Jump into the game with a full-body gaming experience by moving your hands, shaking your hips and talking.

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