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Thomas Kinkade "Simpler Times II" Limited Edition Framed Print
The hush of the evening begins to settle over a small country home with a quiet stillness that is broken only by the gentle babble of the brook, the rustle of the wind in the trees, and the soothing creak-and-turn of the water wheel. It is in moments like these where the peace and harmony of simpler times can be both enjoyed and realized. Thomas Kinkade believed that simplicity is better than complexity, and that true joy is found in the foundations of life. As the water wheel turns in these quiet moments, we are reminded of life's larger circles and our place in their completion. Sunrise to sunset, winter to spring, these are the rhythms of life and the grand design of its Creator. It's a place where we find joy, the satisfaction of work and rest, the love of family and home. Simpler Times II is the latest masterwork from the Thomas Kinkade Vault, and we hope that it reminds each of us that it is possible to enter into a life filled with peace, joy and simpler times.

This image was released in 2013 and part of the Thomas Kinkade Vault Collection. Simpler Times II is the second in the Simpler Times Collection. Simpler Times II is a pastoral setting urging the viewer to step back from a harried pace and not squander the joy in the foundations of life. The flow of the brook, the rustle of the wind, and the turning of the mill wheel are soft and gentle- a slow and soothing rhythm. This image is set just as the sun is beginning to go down and the sky is showing its evening color. Each piece of Limited Edition Paper is Signed and Numbered - Edition size of 695.

Additional Information:
Heavy duty steel wire hanger. Image Size: 18"H x 27"W; Overall Size: 30.5"H X 39.5"W. You'll receive a certificate of authenticity to denote this is a genuine piece of Thomas Kinkade artwork. For indoor use only. Made in the USA.