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Thomas Kinkade "Yosemite Meadows" Limited Edition Framed Print
This image was released in 2013 and was an original painted by Thom, which was found in his vault after his death. Yosemite Meadow is painted in the Sierra Nevada Mountain, new the region of Northern California where Thom grew up. He painted Yosemite many times throughout his career, from many different angles. The perspective of this painting shows the epic beauty and majesty of God's glory dwarfing the 3 riders on horseback. With the devastated tree and broken trunks in the foreground and fresh growth in the background, one can see the forest's natural growth cycle.

"There are few places on Earth that are more awe-inspiring than Yosemite Valley nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Home of the undisputed King of the valley is "El Capitan", an exposed rock face of unmatched size that serves as silent sentinel presiding over the majesty of Yosemite's other natural wonders. As I painted I would often muse, "You see the face of God in the mountain vista. You hear Him in the rustle of the wind in the trees...taste, smell and feel Him in the fragrance of flowers and in the sweet air and water found in the cathedral of the wild." Indeed, there is no more profound visual exposition of this soul-searched sentiment than in the painting, Yosemite Meadow. In this oil, riders are dwarfed against the glory of the background as perspective to man's place in creation and in relation to their Creator. As I completed Yosemite Meadow, I counted each day as a blessing and took in the full glory of God's creation." - Thomas Kinkade.

Additional Information:
Framed in durable, break-resistant plexi-glass. Image Size: 12"H x 24"W -Overall Size: 25"H x 37"W x 1"D. You'll receive a certificate of authenticity to denote this is a genuine piece of Thomas Kinkade artwork. For indoor use only. Made in the USA.

Care Instructions: Clean plexi-glass sheet with a solution of mild soap or detergent and lukewarm water. Use a clean soft cloth, applying only light pressure. Rinse with clean water and dry by blotting with a damp cloth or chamois. DO NOT USE: glass cleaner or ammonia, kitchen scouring compounds, or solvents such as acetone, gasoline, benzene, alcohol, carbon tetrachloride, or lacquer thinner. Dust with a soft, damp cloth or chamois. Dry or gritty cloths may cause surface scratches.