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Automatic Easy Glide Hands-Free Handy Can Opener

Choices: Black, Blue, Red or Grey
The Handy Can Opener provides an easy and efficient way to open your cans in seconds! It is easy to use, and effortlessly glides around the can, hands free! It "walks" around the can and then shuts off automatically. The can opener is easy to use: Place unit on the top side of the can. Press and hold the main switch for a few seconds. Unit automatically starts cutting the can. If the unit stops working, turn the manual release button in clockwise direction. If the unit still does not work, turn the manual release button in anti-clockwise direction until the can releases from the can opener. To be used for cans with a diameter of 85mm or less. For cans with a wide diameter, you can use two can openers at once.

  • Hygienic: You don't have to touch the inside contents of the can. Just remove the smooth edged lid when completed.
  • Safe: Automatically cuts the lid from the can hands free
  • Easy to use
  • Smooths down the edges of the lid while cutting
  • Requires two Type AA batteries (not included)

Measures 2-1/2"L x 2-1/2"W x 6"H.

Care Instructions: Handwash Only. Not dishwasher safe. The can opener only works when being used on can. Do not lift off can until motor stops.

Made in China.