BergHOFF® Five-Piece Bamboo Cutting Board w/ Colored Accessory Boards

Bamboo chopping boards are seeing a resurgence in popularity due to their natural beauty, durability and easy care. This amazing set includes one bamboo cutting board and four additional boards. The accessory boards fit inside the larger bamboo board for easy storage and accessibility. The tabs of the accessory cutting boards are labeled with iamges of food products to help prevent cross contamination.


  • One Bamboo Wood Cutting Board
  • Four red, green, yellow and blue Polypropylene Plastic Accessory Cutting Boards

Measures: 13.5"L x 16.5"W x 1.75"H; Made of wood, bamboo and Polypropylene.

**Care Instructions: Plastic cutting boards are dishwasher safe. Handwash the bamboo wood cutting board. -When you use your Bamboo, remember to condition with Food Grade Mineral Oil at lease once a month for light use or every other week for heavy use. If your Bamboo has absorbed odors from herbs or foods, create a paste of lemon juice and baking soda (similar in consistency to that of toothpaste) and put a thick coating on the Bamboo. Let sit overnight and then wipe off the paste the next day with a soft cloth or paper towel - the odor will be gone! Follow up with warm soapy water, let air dry and then condition with Food Grade Mineral Oil. Frequent and prompt cleaning and oiling of your bamboo with Food Grade Mineral Oil and towel drying will ensure the performance of your BergHOFF's bamboo kitchen supplies for years to come.

Warranty: Two Years Limited;

Made in China.