Solair™ PowerBox Digital Display 6-in-1 Jumpstarter & AC Power Supply w/ Air Compressor

Set out on your next adventure prepared for the road ahead with the Solair™ PowerBox 6-in-1 Jumpstarter. This comprehensive power-providing device with digital display offers emergency power when you need it most for auto, home and the outdoors. Jump start a vehicle, power up portable devices, inflate tires and much more, all with this one exceptionally handy device!
  • 500 cranking amps (900 peak)
  • 12V vehicle jump start system with Polarity Protection Hookup Module
  • Built-in 12V 18Ah rechargeable lead acid battery
  • 100 PSI air compressor with high accuracy digital LCD pressure gauge for inflating tires, sports balls, rafts, pool and beach toys and more
  • USB port for charging electronics such as cell phones, cameras, MP3 players and more
  • 12V DC accessory port allows connection of devices that plug into a cigarette lighter or accessory port
  • DC to DC cable allows user to trickle charge their vehicle battery from inside the vehicle through the cigarette lighter or accessory port
  • 400 watt continuous power inverter (800 watts peak) with two outlets provides AC power to connect lamps, small TVs, radios, fans, charge devices and more
  • Wide angle LED emergency worklight
  • Accurate battery charge level indicator with digital readout LCD
  • Built-in AC charger with separate 3' charging extension cord
  • Air valve adapter kit
  • DC charging adapter with cable

Easy-To-Read LCD Display
View the internal battery's current charge level or see the PSI of the air compressor on the easy-to-read bright red digital LCD display.

Vehicle Jump Start System
Get your ride running and back on the road after a cold night with the 12V vehicle jump start system featuring 500 cranking amps and a Polarity Protection Hookup Module.

400 Watt Power Inverter & Dual AC Power Outlets
For emergency situations or just when you want to bring a little modern convenience to the great outdoors, the dual AC power outlets allow you to connect a wide variety of small household devices including lamps, small TVs, radios, fans and more.

Powered USB Port
Recharge your collection of USB enabled mobile devices quickly and easily with the 2100mA powered USB port on the back of the SP5001.

100 PSI Air Compressor
Make short work of inflating pool toys and rafts and get on with fun and keep your vehicle tire pressure in check with the on-board air compressor.

12V DC Power Outlet & Trickle Charge Cable
Power a variety of devices and peripherals designed to plug-in to your vehicle's cigarette lighter or 12V accessory port. Also, utilize the included DC to DC cable to trickle charge your vehicle battery through the 12V accessory port or cigarette lighter inside the vehicle.

Wide Angle LED Worklight
Illuminate your workspace in an emergency with the powerfully bright built-in LED worklight.

Ports: One 12V DC, Two 110V AC, One AC charger (to charge battery), One USB A and One Air Compressor

You will receive
  • Solair SP5001 Power System (SP5001)
  • AC Charging Cable
  • Dual 12V DC Car Charger Cable
  • Three Air Compressor Nozzle Adapters
  • Manual

Dimensions: 10.5"H x 8.375"W x 12"D
Weight: 19.84 lbs
Made in China

Solair Power System Unit Warranty: Two year limited warranty provided by Solair Technologies. For warranty support, please call: 1-866-207-5435.
12 Volt 18Ah Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery Warranty: One year limited warranty provided by Solair Technologies. For warranty support, please call: 1-866-207-5435.

Please Note: Battery should be charged after each use and every 60 to 90 days, particularly if not in regular use. The battery can hold a charge for several months, however, regular charging every 60 to 90 days is recommended.

California residents only: “Proposition 65” WARNING