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Cobra Digital Radar/Laser Detector w/ UltraBright™ Data Display

Always alert for peace of mind! The Cobra Digital Radar/Laser Detector detects virtually all radars/lasers and features an UltraBright™ Data Display so you never miss an alert. Drive with the confidence of Cobra!
You will receive
  • Cobra Digital Radar/Laser Detector with UltraBright™ Data Display (SPX 5300)
  • Car Charger
  • Suction Cup Mount
  • Hook and Loop Fastening Set
  • Operating Instructions
  • Registration Insert

Xtreme Range Superheterodyne® Technology
Super-fast sweep circuitry provides extra detection range and the best possible advanced warning to even the fastest radar guns. -Pop Mode Radar Gun Detection Detects the latest Radar Gun Pop (Super-fast Instant-On) Mode.

IntelliMute® Pro
Relative speed sensing auto-mute system that virtually eliminates false alerts. The auto shutdown feature will render your detector undetectable by currently available radar detector-detectors.

VG-2 Undetectable
Provides complete immunity to VG-2 radar detector.

UltraBright Data Display
Provides easy recognition of band detected by use of band identification icons.

Ku Band Detection
Detects Ku Band Radar Gun currently being used in Europe. Be prepared for future introduction in the U.S.

LaserEye Technology
Provides 360-degree detection of laser signals.

VG-2 Alert®
Alerts the user when they are under surveillance of VG-2 radar detector-detectors.

Safety Alert®
Warns drivers of the presence and/or approaching emergency vehicles, railroad crossing, and road hazard locations equipped with Cobra's exclusive Safety Alert] transmitters.

Auto Mute
Automatically mutes the alert tone for enhanced driver convenience.

Digital Signal Strength Meter
Provides the driver with relative proximity to the target using 5-level digital signal strength meter.

City/Highway Modes
Allows the user to select operating mode, reducing the frequency of falsing in densely populated urban areas.

Dim Mode
Allows the user to dim the radar detector display enhancing night driving visibility.

Stay Set Electronic Memory
Electronically remembers radar detector settings for an indefinite period of time even with the power removed.

Radar/Laser Band Detection
The Cobra Digital Radar/Laser Detector detects X-band; K-Band; Ka Superwide; Ku Band; VG-2 Radar Detector-Detector; Spectre I; Spectre IV+; LTI 20-20; LTI Laser; Kustom Signals Laser 340; Stalker LIDAR; and Laser Atlanta SpeedLaser/Kustome Signals-ProLaserII.

Product Requirements: One car charging port

Dimensions: 4.25"H x 2.83"W x 1.33"D
Weight: 0.37 lbs
Made in China

Warranty: One year limited warranty provided by Cobra
Support: 1-773-889-3087

Please note: Use of this product is not intended to, and does not, ensure that motorists or passengers will not be involved in traffic accidents. It is only intended to alert the motorist that an emergency vehicle equipped with a Cobra Safety Alert transmitter is within range as defined by that product. Please call local fire and police departments to learn if coverage exists in your area. Motorists, as we well as operators of emergency or service vehicles, are expected to exercise all due caution while using this product, and to obey all applicable traffic laws. It is not against federal law to receive radar transmission with your Cobra radar/laser detector. The Communications Act of 1924 guarantees your right to receive radio transmissions on any frequency. Local laws that contravene this Act, while illegal, may be enforced by your local law enforcement officials until and unless they are prohibited from doing so by federal court action.The use of a radar detector in a passenger vehicle is legal in all states with the exception of Virginia, Washington DC. and while on military bases.