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Cobra All-Band Max Performance Ultra-Compact LED Radar/Laser Detector

The All-Band Max Performance Ultra-Compact LED Radar/Laser Detector provides total protection by detecting all 15 radar/laser bands. The CPU and high-quality components maximize detection range and selectivity. As a leader in technology, Cobra has added the latest features, including bluetooth, Aura database and community threat sharing. Drive with the peace of mind and confidence of Cobra!
  • Frequency Display Mode
  • Intellishield® False Signal Recognition
  • City/Highway Mode
  • Dim/Dark Modes
  • Safety Alert Radar/Laser Band Detection: X-band; K-Band; Ka Superwide; Ku Band
  • Community Threat Sharing allows you to share alerts and locations in real time
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Access to Aura Database

Comprehensive Safety Alert Radar/Laser Detection
The all band system detects all radar/laser guns currently in use in North America including X-band; K-Band; Ka Superwide; Ku Band and more. This device also has POP Mode and instant-on detection.

AURA Database
When you pair your smartphone to the detector, you gain access to the AURA Database. This GPS-based technology warns the driver of fixed speed and red light cameras, speed traps and dangerous intersections on a global basis. The Community Threat Sharing feature allows you to share alerts and locations in real time. Cobra's research team verifies locations with municipal agencies and state Departments of Transportations and provides daily updates for unmatched coverage and reliability.

City/Highway Modes
Allows the user to select operating mode, reducing the frequency of falsing in densely populated urban areas.

Ultra Compact Design
The discreet and refined design makes this one of the world’s smallest detector available.

Intellishield® False Signal Recognition
Virtually eliminates false signals.

Full Color LED Display
Full-color, bright, graphics display for intuitive visual threat notifications and controls.

Provides the user with specific band voice annunciation.

Dim and Dark Modes
Allows the user to dim the radar detector display enhancing night driving visibility.

You will receive
  • Cobra Maximum Performance Radar/Laser/Camera Detector (SPX7800BT)
  • Car Charger
  • Suction Cup Mount
  • Hook & Loop Fastener
  • Operating Instructions
  • Product Registration Insert

Dimensions 3.71"H x 2.43"W x 1.54"D
Weight 0.3 lbs
Made in China

Warranty: One year limited manufacturer's warranty (1-773-889-3087)

Please Note: It is not against federal law to receive radar transmissions with your Cobra radar/laser detector. The Communications Act of 1924 guarantees your right to receive radio transmissions on any frequency. Local laws that contravene this Act, while illegal, may be enforced by your local law enforcement officials until and unless they are prohibited from doing so by federal court action. This device complies with part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following conditions: This device may not cause harmful interference; and this device must accept any interference received including interference that may cause undesired operation.
Use of this product is not intended to, and does not, ensure that motorists or passengers will not be involved in traffic accidents. It is only intended to alert the motorist that an emergency vehicle equipped with a Cobra Safety Alert, 3M or strobe transmitter is within range as defined by that product. Please call local fire and police departments to learn if coverage exists in your area.
Motorists, as well as operators of emergency or service vehicles, are expected to exercise all due caution while using this product, and to obey all applicable traffic laws. Do not attempt to change settings of the unit while in motion. Before leaving your vehicle, always remember to conceal your radar detector in order to reduce the possibility of break-in and theft. The use of a radar detector in a passenger vehicle is legal in all states with the exception of Virginia, Washington DC. and while on military bases.