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Chop KING 15-Piece All-in-One Chopper w/ Accessories

Choices: Red, Purple, Orange or Turquoise

Food preparation made easy! With the multi-kitchen helper Chop KING, you can cut, mix, stir, beat, grate and chop. The anti-slip base with suction feet of chop KING is always safe and secure. The three-way stainless steel blades makes cutting always effortless and professional. One turn of the crank can rotate the blades four times so you can chop onions or other foods very quickly.
With the integrated and removable egg separator, egg yolks and egg whites can be easily separated for cakes and omelette's. In addition, you can use the opening in the lid cover to add liquids or other ingredients.


  • One Suction Base
  • One Bowl w/ Bowl Cover
  • Turning Handle
  • Three-Blade Chopper
  • Spin Dry Basket
  • Mixing Arm
  • Egg White Separator
  • Mandolin Board
  • Safety Food Grip
  • Straight Edge Blade, Wavy Edge Blade, Grating Blade and Julienne Blade
  • Mandolin Blade Storage
  • Measures: 7"L x 7"W x 7"H; 1.5lbs.

    **Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe.

    Made in China.