Cook's Companion® 3-Piece 7" Ceramic GreenKnife™, Y-Peeler & Nonslip Cutting Board Set

Cook sharp! With revolutionary new knife technology, this three-piece set includes a ceramic GreenKnife, Y-Peeler and Cutting Board for all your chopping and slicing needs. Available in seven lovely colors.
The patent-pending technology prevents browning of produce after cutting/chopping that a traditional stainless steel knife would do. The stick-resistant blade on the knife helps with the easy release of foods. The GreenKnife provides all of the benefits of traditional lettuce knives with the added benefit of the sharp zirconium ceramic blade edge that has endless uses. Unlike steel knives, ceramic knives will not react with food to cause a metallic taste and due to the non-metallic nature they cannot rust or corrode. The ceramic zirconia material in the GreenKnife blade edges is very dense resulting in a harder blade than many others on the market. The exceptional hardness of the blade makes the edge superbly sharp and wear-resistant.

The GreenKnife is not only perfect for cutting and reducing browning in lettuces, these futuristic knives can also cut paper-thin tomato slices, slice through boneless cooked meats, slice hard cheeses, dice onions, mince herbs, cuts through tough asparagus stalks, makes for an excellent sandwich slicer and pizza cutter, glides through sticky tofu and soft cheeses with the unique stick resistant blade surface. In addition, unlike other ceramic knives, the GreenKnife is top shelf dishwasher safe due to the protective feature of the melamine frame.

  • 7” Ceramic Knife
  • 5” Ceramic Y-Peeler
  • Cutting Board
  • Knife Blade Guard

  • Lightweight - Ergonomic design for comfort & ease of use
  • Ceramic zirconia knives will not react with food to cause a metallic taste
  • Zirconia has a mineral hardness of 8.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, while most hardened steel is at a 5.5
  • Stick-resistant surface blade
  • The knife is good for greens and other food items such as herbs, cooked meat, hard cheese, touch stalks, and sticky tofu and cheese.
  • Included blade guard

  • Ceramic material of blade prevents rusting, pitting and corroding
  • Convenient hang hole

Cutting Board:
  • Slanted design to catch drippings and liquids
  • Gradient design to block the flow of juice and liquids
  • Double sided for dual usage
  • Non-slip rim prevents skids
  • Convenient hang hole at the corner

  • Cutting Board: 0.75"H x 13.5"W x 11"D (1.28 lbs)
  • Knife: 1.56"H x 12.75"W x 0.98"D (0.33 lbs)
  • Peeler: 0.28"H x 5.2"W x 3"D (0.06 lbs)

Cutting board made of soft grip resin; knife blade made of zirconium ceramic; knife handle made of melamine and bamboo, top of knife made of plastic; peeler made of ceramic and plastic. The Greenknife contains 10% pre-consumer recycled bamboo (bamboo shavings and shreds left over from making bamboo silverware).

**Care Instructions: Top rack dishwasher safe. Hand wash recommended.

Warranty: One year limited warranty; (866) 325-1659.

Made in China.