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Favrile 17.5" Hand-Blown Art Glass Winding Keyhole Vase

A hand-blown work of art like no other! This vase offers white, green and blue colors run down the neck then the swirls expand outward around the keyhole body. This lovely vase widens toward the lower portion and feature a keyhole in the center of it. The vase has green glitter throughtout with abstract designs on opposite walls. Raised red, green, blue and white glass wrap around the neck of the vase.

Additional Information:
Measures 17.5"H x 8.5"W x 5"L. Weighs 10.5lbs. Made of glass. For indoor use only. Made in China.

Favrile: A Breakthrough by Hand
"Favrile" is derived from the Latin word "fabrilis", meaning "made by hand". Favrile glass is produced by exposing molten glass to a series of fumes and metallic oxides that infuse it with glowing colors and an exciting iridescence. It was a major breakthrough for Louis Comfort Tiffany, surpassing even the best of the 13th Century glasswork. He used Favrile glass with its magnificent iridescent colors in all of his windows, lamps, vases, and mosaics.

Dale Tiffany's Favrile Collection of uniquely hand crafted art glass continues this historic tradition. By adhering to the same standard of excellence demanded by Tiffany of his own studio, our Hand Blown art glass is created to blend perfectly with today's home fashion trends and lifestyles.

Care Instructions:
For proper cleaning of this product, use a soft dry cloth only. Do not use oils, polishes, abrasives, or soap.

Please Note: Favrile decorative art glass is created by artisans using a time-honored technique. These beautiful handmade creations feature iridescent colors embedded into the glass, resulting in distinctive characteristics that are unique to each piece. No two are exactly alike!