Hubert Herr Farmhouse w/ Moving Dog Eight-Day Cuckoo Clock

This eight-day farmhouse and moving dog cuckoo clock delights with cuckoo call and music tune at half and full hour. Two different melodies and a hand carved St.Bernard Dog moves out of his dog kennel, watched by two little puppies.

A waterwheel turns around on side of the clock and four pairs of costume dancers turn around on platform above the dial. Solid wooden case with real shingle roof on top, very detailed work out on the whole case. Wooden dial with wooden numerals and wooden hand carved hands. Decoration all made out of wood and goes around the whole clock. Night shut off system. The eight-day mechanical movement is driven by pine weights. The Hubert Hurr clocks are being made since 1860 and is still a family run business in Triberg, Black Forest, Germany.

Dimensions: 13.5"H x 8.75"L x 12"W; 15.5lbs; Low level of assembly required.

Vendor warranty: 90-days limited service warranty; 920-235-4750;;

Made in Germany.