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Hubert Herr Flying Owl Eight-Day Hand-Crafted Cuckoo Clock

A rendition so perfect it will be a conversation piece for sure! This eight-day hand carved cuckoo clock features a cuckoo call and music at half and full hour. Two colorful air brushed owls move along with the cuckoo call. A large hand carved flying owl sits on top of the clock overlooking the whole scenery. The owls have real glass eyes and look very natural.

This wonderful clock also features a rich and deep oak leaf carving, all hand made out of solid linden wood. Additionally, four hand carved Edelweis blossoms are attached to the carving. The music box with two different melodies plays after cuckoo call and four wooden carved costume dancers turn around on platform above balcony. The eight-day mechanical movement is driven by pine weights. Night shut off system. The Hubert Hurr clocks are being made since 1860 and is still a family run business in Triberg, Black Forest, Germany.

Dimensions: 20"H x 9.5"L x 14"W; 16.4lbs; Low level of assembly required.

Vendor warranty: 90-days limited service warranty; 920-235-4750;;

Made in Germany.