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1864 $5 Confederate from Louisiana Hoard: Uncish Note
Issued over 145 years ago during the Civil War, the 1864 $5 are from the 7th and final series of Confederate currency. The $5 Confederate note from 1864 is also known as the "Lincoln assassination note" because one of these notes were found in Lincoln's wallet immediately after his assassination on April 14, 1865. The face of each large-size 7" x 3" note is hand-signed and bears the portrait of a Confederate official. Each denomination featured a unique vignette engraving - depicting the Confederate capitol in Richmond on the $5 bill. The reverse of bears the intricate blue design that earned the nickname "blue backs" (distinguishing them from U.S. "greenbacks") with the word "Five". Each of these notes in this collection is from a hoard discovered in the basement of a church in Louisiana and are in pristine condition. Only 170 notes exist from this amazing find.

Please note: "Uncish" is a term that dealers sometimes use to describe older raw notes that have varying degrees of UNC (uncirculated) grades and can't be determined if slightly circulated wear or age wear.


  • Denomination: $5 Confederate Bill
  • Diameter: 7" x 3"
  • Mintage Year: 1864
  • Obverse: Confederate Capital in Richmond
  • Reverse: Blue with word "Five".
  • Dimensions: 8" x 4"

    Distributed by American Collectors Mint, LLC.