ChopGenie™ 10.5" Food Chopper
Make cooking more efficient with the ChopGenie Food Chopper! Great for chopping vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, cheese, chocolate and more in just seconds. The special stainless steel multi-directional blade rotates each time the ergonomic top handle is pressed, leaving chopped food as coarse or as fine as you need it. Effortlessly chop vegetables for delicious salsa, chicken for a mouth-watering chicken salad, chocolate and nuts for custom ice cream toppings. The self-contained base allows for chopping without a cutting board for minimal clean-up.

ChopGenie is easy to use. Place desired good on the cutting baord. While holding Chopper's side grips with one hand, place shopper over food and press down on the handle to start chopping. Continue chopping until the desired texture/size is reached. As an alternative, you can place food in the base to chop for easy clean-up.

  • Cuts up vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, cheese, chocolate and more
  • Chop and mince all with one blade
  • Stainless steel multi directional blade rotates with each press for precision chopping
  • Self-contained base makes clean-up a breeze.

Care Instructions: Wash blades in warm soapy water. Not dishwasher safe. When cleaning blades, do not touch sharp edges with bare hands.

Please note: Black rubber peices (side grips) may come off during shipping. Firmly press the black rubber pieces into place before use. (Will not affect the chopper's performance.)

Made in China.

This gift comes with the purchase of Big Boss Oil-less Fryer. For a limited time only, while supplies last.434-901.