Evolution by Waterford Cobalt Rush 4.5" Glass Votive

Bring energy and light to any room with the Cobalt Rush 4.5" Votive, which features bold patterns inspired by an organic rush of energy, electricity and life. Vivid accents of cobalt and blue swirl through the glass, adding a rich layer of organic color to traditional candlelight.

Characterized by a sense of undulating movement achieved through the interplay of the stunning variations of cobalt, this piece is testimony to the artistry of the glass blower who makes magic with molten liquid and color. Rich cobalt and variations of blues combine to create an artistic blend of flow and feeling. Evolution by Waterford captures the artistry of molten crystal with striking accents of vivid color.

Additional Information:
Measures 4.5"H x 5.5"W (2.2 lbs). Includes one votive and one tea light candle. Made of glass. For indoor display. Made in Poland.

Care Instructions:
Thoughtful care is the secret to extending the life of your evolution by Waterford fine art glass. Handwash pieces separately in warm soapy water. Rinse in clean, warm water; dry immediately with lint-free cloth. Remove any lime scale with vinegar & a clean cloth. When handling stemmed piece never twist bowl in opposite direction to stem. To clean decanter and vase interiors, half-fill with warm water, 2 tbs white vinegar or ammonia and 1/4 cup.uncooked rice. Swirl to remove residue, then rinse & dry. Never place or store upside down as upper rims are delicate. Dishwater heat, friction and detergent can dull or scratch surfaces. Do not expose to sudden temperature changes. Rinse hot art glass in very cold water or thick walled art glass in hot water. Place pieces used to hold ice or very cold liquids in refrigerator (not freezer) to cool before filling.

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