Royal Doulton Charlie 9.25” Bone China Fashion of the Decades: 1970’s Figurine -Signed

Looking groovy! Charlie's hairstyle is inspired by Farah Fawcett Majors (star of the television series Charlie's Angels) and is the archetype of the 1970s liberated woman in her halter necked, low backed jumpsuit with wide pants falling from a high waist to platform shoes. Charlie is a limited edition of 1500. Signed on the bottom by Michael Doulton.

Royal Doulton Fashion Through the Decades figurines celebrates six iconic fashions of the 20th century, from the daring styles of the 1920s to the expressive disco inspired costumes of the 1970s. Each of the figures has been designed to epitomize the fashion of a decade, combining the colors, patterns and silhouettes popularized by leading couturiers of the period with appropriate accessories such as hats, shoes and jewelery.

Made of bone china. Gift boxed, Limited Edition card.

Dimensions: 9.25"H x 4"L x 4"W

Care Instructions: Great care needs to be taken when cleaning figurines and sculptural items as these products often contain intricate and delicate details. Figurines and sculptural items may be washed by hand, using warm water and a mild liquid detergent applied with a soft, damp cloth. On items with intricate details and small-sculpted parts such as hand-sculpted flowers, it is best to use a small, soft make-up brush instead of a cloth. Do not use abrasive materials or powders for cleaning. Do not submerge the product or get water inside the holes in the base. Dry the larger, open areas with a soft cloth. Allow intricate or delicate details to air dry. Be sure the item is completely dry before returning to display area.

Made in Thailand.