Royal Doulton 3.75 Bone China Hand-Decorated Bulldog Figurine

Royal Doulton Bulldogs Sam, Jack and Patch figurines herald a new series based on the iconic Bulldog, which was originally modeled by Royal Doulton's great art director Charles Noke and launched in 1941. Patch is designed by Charles Noke. Patch takes his name from his patchwork decoration that's cleverly formed from silhouettes of Great Britain. Sporting a bright red collar, Patch is the smartest piebald Bulldog in t

Sam is named after Uncle Sam, an iconic figure in the United States dating back to 1812. Sam proudly embodies the red, white and blue stars and stripes of the American Flag.

Jack is based on an iconic bulldog originally modeled in 1941 by Royal Doulton's great art director Charles Noke. Jack is designed by Charles Noke. Jack is named after the bold Union Jack flag that's emblazoned across his back and directly honors the original 1941 model. Since the 19th century the Bulldog has symbolized the steely determination of the British character and, given a wartime politician's uncanny facial resemblance to the dog with its many fleshy and drooping jowls, it was inevitable that the 1940s saw a plethora of bulldog-linked propaganda and imagery. 70 years on, and in harmony with a momentous year for Great Britain, the Royal Doulton bulldog takes center stage once again.

Made of bone china.

Dimensions: 3.75"H x 6.25"W x 3"L.

Care Instructions: Great care needs to be taken when cleaning figurines and sculptural items as these products often contain intricate and delicate details. Figurines and sculptural items may be washed by hand, using warm water and a mild liquid detergent applied with a soft, damp cloth. On items with intricate details and small-sculpted parts such as hand-sculpted flowers, it is best to use a small, soft make-up brush instead of a cloth. Do not use abrasive materials or powders for cleaning. Do not submerge the product or get water inside the holes in the base. Dry the larger, open areas with a soft cloth. Allow intricate or delicate details to air dry. Be sure the item is completely dry before returning to display area.

As a general rule, confident handling of figurines and sculptural items, combined with a reasonable amount of care in cleaning should be all that is necessary to safeguard your collection. Generally, do not expose figurines and sculptural items to extreme temperatures, high levels of moisture or rapid temperature changes.

Made in Thailand.