Royal Doulton Flower of the Month 7" Bone China Figurine -Signed
Royal Doulton introduced the Flower of the Month figurines in 2011. Each Royal Doulton Flower of the Month hand-painted figurine has a flower designated for that month. The girl is holding the flower and her dress matches the blooms of the flower. You can display these figurines during the respective months, much like a calendar. Or you can purchase just the months with special occasions or birthdays. Approximately 7" tall, these figurines are just a little taller than the Royal Doulton petite figurines, which are usually around 6.5"H.

You will treasure them for years to come. The Royal Doulton Flower of the Month figurines make great gifts for daughters, grand daughters and flower girls. Surprise that special little girl in your life with one of these precious figurines and you will brighten her day and give her something to treasure for years to come. Signed by Michael Doulton.

The Choices:

  • January/Snowdrop: The Flower of the Month for January is Snowdrop. This figurine is wearing a soft green off the shoulder dress. Her hair has been delicately pulled up into a beautiful bun while she grasps her dress as if getting ready to go into a courtesy stance.
  • February/Violet: The Flower of the Month for February is Violet. This figurine is wearing a violet tiered draping dress. Her hair has been swept away from her face with violets appropriately placed on top.
  • March/Jonquil: The Flower of the Month for March is Jonquil. This figurine is wearing a simple yellow dress with spaghetti straps. She has her hair pulled back in a pony tail and seems to be happily pondering something in her mind.
  • April/Daisy: Royal Doulton Flower of the Month for April is Daisy. This figurine is wearing a pretty pink dress. She looks a little shy as she holds a small gathering of daisy's.
  • May/Peony: The Flower of the Month for May is Peony. The girl holding the Peony also has some in her hair. She is wearing a pretty pink dress.
  • June/Rose: The Flower of the Month for June is Roses. Such a beautiful flower for such a great warm month. The girl holding the roses is dressed in a deep red rose color.
  • July/Larkspur: The Flower of the Month for July is Larkspur. This figurine is holding a bouquet of dark purple Larkspur in her hand. She is wearing a beautiful purple dress that matches the flowers in her hand. She has a happy, yet pensive look on her face.
  • August/Poppy: The Flower of the Month for August is Poppy. This figurine is wearing a beautiful red poppy colored dress. Her hair is gently laying on her shoulder. She is elegantly cluting a handful of Poppy's that match her dress perfectly.
  • September/Aster: The Flower of the Month for September is Aster. This figurine is wearing a beautiful plum dress. Her hair has been swept into a side pony tail. She is elegantly clutching a handful of Asters wrapped in a white bow.
  • Made of bone china.

    Dimensions: 5"L x 5"W x 6-3/4"H

    Care Instructions: Great care needs to be taken when cleaning figurines and sculptural items as these products often contain intricate and delicate details. Figurines and sculptural items may be washed by hand, using warm water and a mild liquid detergent applied with a soft, damp cloth. On items with intricate details and small-sculpted parts such as hand-sculpted flowers, it is best to use a small, soft make-up brush instead of a cloth. Do not use abrasive materials or powders for cleaning. Do not submerge the product or get water inside the holes in the base. Dry the larger, open areas with a soft cloth. Allow intricate or delicate details to air dry. Be sure the item is completely dry before returning to display area.

    Made in Thailand and Vietnam.

    California residents only: “Proposition 65” WARNING

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