North Shore Living™ "Alexandra" Three-Piece Coverlet Set

  • This set has colors of blues, reds, pinks, greens, off white, yellow & creams w/ a floral design
  • Coverlet provides ultimate versatility for winter months and summer nights
  • Soft colors add a touch of elegance while the floral pattern allows the theme of the coverlet to pop
  • Coordinating shams complete the overall look of the bed
  • Machine wash for easy care
  • Face: 100% cotton; Back: 100% polyester.


  • One comforter
  • Two pillow shams (one with twin)
    Twin Size:
    Coverlet: 86" x 68"
    Pillow sham: 20" x 26"

    Queen Size:
    Coverlet: 86" x 86"
    Pillow sham: 20" x 26"

    King Size:
    Coverlet: 100" x 90"
    Pillow sham: 20" x 26"

    Machine wash cold water no bleach, line dry, do not dry clean, light steam ironing suggested to fully bring out quilting patterns.

    Please Note: Printed fabric may vary slightly from pattern to pattern. As this product is individually patched and single needle quilted, slight shrinkage due to patchwork and quilting tension may occur. Actual finished size may vary up to 2" to 3" than specified from quilt to quilt.

    PLEASE NOTE: We make every effort to ensure colors are represented accurately online. Due to possible variances in manufacturer dye lots, however, colors may vary slightly from what is depicted.

    Thread Count:

    Quality bedding is often defined by the thread count of the fabric. Thread count is the number of woven threads in one square inch of fabric. Higher thread counts create higher-quality, more durable weaves that generally feel smoother and softer. Lower thread counts can pill and feel rough, but are affordable and aptly serve their purposes. Common thread counts range from 180 to 1,200. While important, thread count does not alone determine how a fabric performs and feels. Also consider the yarn size and ply when determining the level of quality you desire.

    Yarn Size: Yarn size refers to the thickness of the individual threads that make up a woven fabric. The higher the yarn size, the finer the thread. Quality sheets usually have a yarn size ranging from 40 to 100. Finer yarns can only be made from high-quality, long staple cottons such as Supima. Yarn size is important to thread count because finer yarns take up less space than thicker yarns, thus the highest thread count sheets are generally made from the finest yarns.

    Ply: The other important component to thread count is ply. Single ply fabrics are made from individually woven threads of yarn, while two-ply fabrics are made from two threads of yarn that are first twisted together and then woven. Since two-ply fabrics have essentially double the thread count of their single ply counterparts, two-ply fabrics must be made from extremely fine yarns, otherwise the end product might feel too bulky and heavy.