Tiffany-Style 11.5" Fantastic Five Collection Set of Five Table Lamps

The Fantastic Five is back in new designs! This set allows you to recreate a room or restock your gift closet in an instant. Based on popular designs, each of the five Tiffany-style stained glass accent lamps features the fine detail of a full-size lamp, scaled to a petite size. Each lamp comes individually boxed and ready for gifting, including a colorful gift bag and tissue (not holiday specific for your convenience).

Elegant shapes and vibrant colors instantly add a welcoming touch. Distinctive design elements combine in each stained glass shade to add warm, glowing light to any room in your home. Each shade is unique and truly different from the next, as well as the base. You can mix-and-match the shades and the bases to your liking as they are all interchangeable. This set is perfect for those unfilled spaces in your home that need to be enriched with a little light and beauty. Use the lamps as accents on a side table or add a pair to a sofa table or hall table. This is truly an exceptional set!

From the Tiffany-Style Lighting Collection.

Made from glass and resin, each lamp measures 11-1/2"H with a 5-1/2" shade diameter and each weigh approximately 2.38lbs. Cord measures 60"L. Each lamp requires one 25-watt Type B light bulb (included) features a convenient in-line switch. Clean with a damp, clean cloth. Dry with soft, clean cloth. Low level assembly required (approximately 5 minutes for each lamp). UL approved, for indoor use only.

California Residents Only, Click Here: “Proposition 65” WARNING

Accent lamps provide additional light and decorative drama! Sometimes called novelty lamps, they come in a wide array of unique designs and are primarily used to add an elegant, cozy feel to an already well-lit space. Accent lamps are generally smaller than 20" tall and are great for brightening up bedrooms, living rooms, dens and hallways. You may even discover one that is perfect for your bathroom or kitchen! With so many options to choose from, you'll looking for just the right ones to express your taste and style!

You have the perfect lamp and you've carefully chosen a shade for it, but what kind of light bulb should you choose? You may not think much about light bulbs, but the kind you choose has the greatest impact on the overall effect and effectiveness of your lamp. Many people make the mistake of buying a light bulb more powerful than they need for a particular lamp. This unfortunately can make a lamp so intense or distracting that it is rarely used. The simple solution to this problem is to use a smaller bulb. Most table and accent lamps require no more than a 60-watt bulb, even if they are rated for something much higher. While it's very important to never exceed the recommended bulb wattage for a lamp, there is nothing wrong with using a less-powerful bulb.

Aside from wattage, there are other factors to consider when choosing a light bulb. Light bulbs come in four basic types: incandescent, fluorescent, compact fluorescent and halogen.

  • Incandescent: These are the most common type of light bulbs. They are inexpensive and available in a variety of colors and shapes, including A-line (the classic light bulb shape), globe, candle, bullet and tubular. Incandescent bulbs can be used with dimmer switches. Most bulbs of this type range from 15 to 150 watts.
  • Fluorescent: These bulbs have long been the standard for large areas that require a lot of ambient light. They last longer than incandescent bulbs but are also more expensive up front. Fluorescent bulbs require a special fixture to work, so they are not an option for most lamps. They are available in several different colors.
  • Compact Fluorescent (CFL): These bulbs are the most energy-efficient of all light bulbs. More costly up front than traditional incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent bulbs use less than half the energy and can last up to 16 times longer, thus saving you money over the long haul. CFL bulbs come is several shapes and sizes, including a unique spiral shape that can disperse light much more evenly than a traditional bulb. One important thing to note is that if you want to use a CFL bulb with a dimmer or three-way switch, you must purchase a bulb specifically designed for this purpose.
  • Halogen: Halogen bulbs use the same basic technology as incandescent bulbs, but they produce up to 50% more light for same amount of energy. Halogens last up to three times longer than standard bulbs, but are also more expensive. You should never touch a halogen bulb because the oil from your skin will cause the bulb to burn hotter, reducing its lifespan. Always use a clean, dry cloth when replacing a halogen bulb.