Cook's Tradition® 11" Square Enamel Cast Iron Grill Pan

Choices: Orange, Green, Purple, Red and Blue

Enjoy cooking the traditional way! Your Cook's Tradition cookware is meant to last for years. With proper use and care, your enamel cast iron grill pan will ensure kitchen creativity for generations!

Cast iron has great heat-retaining abilities and can be used with any heat source (except microwave). Classic in a modern design, solid material for all your cooking needs! This line is energy-efficient due to warming up quickly and evenly and retaining heat longer.

11 qt. Dimensions: 18.5"L x 11"W x 1.75"H (8 lbs.)

**Important: Grill pan is oven safe up to 600 degrees F. Suitable for all heat sources (including induction) except microwaves. Carefully read general use and care instructions included with your Cook's Tradition purchase. Due to the retention of heat, please be careful to use potholders or insulated gloves, especially when removing from the oven.

Do not use metal tools or sharp utensils, as they will scratch or chip the enamel. Always use low to medium heat. When searing meats, heat pan at medium to high for 5-10 mins. Turn to medium when placing meat in pan to sear. Never allow a pan to boil dry as it will permanently damage the enamel.

**Care Instructions: Handwash with hot soapy water, only after allowing to cool completely after use. Do not clean in dishwasher. Do not use bleach or cleaning products with citric acids, metal scourers or abrasive cleaner. If you store pots/pans by stacking, put a dish towel or similar soft material between them to avoid scratches. Seasoning is optional.

Limited Warranty: Lifetime Manufacturers' Warranty by BergHOFF International Inc. / 1.727.853.3350

Made in China.