The Original Ecoegg™ Set of Two Dryer Eggs w/ 10 Fragrance Sticks

Ecoegg dryer eggs reduce the time it takes to dry your clothes in your tumble dryer by up to 28%, saving you energy and money every single time. The natural softening action gives you baby soft clothes, without the use of any harsh chemicals. Plus, with the unique fragrance sticks inside the dryer eggs, your clothes smell great, without the need for fabric softener. Simply place the Ecoegg dryer eggs in the tumble dryer on top of your clothes and dry as normal.

The uniquely designed nodules work together to lift and separate the fibers of your clothes, allowing the heat of the tumble dryer to circulate more efficiently, drying your clothes faster and using less electricity - saving you time and money!


  • Two Dryer Eggs
  • Ten Fragrance Sticks
  • Instruction Book

    **Care Instructions: Step-by-Step Instructions: -Place Ecoegg dryer eggs in the tumble dryer on top of your clothes. -Dry laundry as normal. -This pack is good for 200 dries. How do the ecoegg dryer eggs work? The ecoegg dryer eggs have three functions:

    1. Speed up the drying time Without ecoegg dryer eggs, clothes can clump together in the drum leaving a lot of unused space. The ecoegg dryer eggs lift and separate the clothes in the drum, making use of all the available space. This means that the clothes dry faster.
    2. Soften your clothes The nodules on the ecoegg dryer eggs are specially designed to gently lift the fibers and breakdown the stiffness created by washing, softening your clothes naturally without any chemicals.
    3. Fragrance your laundry The heat of your tumble dryer activates the ecoegg fragrance sticks to gently infuse their delicate scent into your clothes, without any harsh chemicals.

    **Important: The dryer eggs become hot during use. Please take care when removing them from the dryer and allow them to cool before handling them. Keep out of the reach of children. Note: Not recommended for use in 'sensor dry' tumble dyers.

    Made in United Kingdom.