Marquis by Waterford Brookside 6.5" Crystalline Ice Bucket w/ 6" Tongs

The crisp coolness of ice and the brilliant clarity of crystalline meet in stunning partnership with the Brookside Ice Bucket This Ice Bucket features the characteristic weight and stability of Waterford's hand-crafted crystalline and comes with stainless steel tongs. Marquis by Waterford combines versatility with value, using classic Waterford cuts to create this Brookside Ice Bucket of astonishing clarity and substantial weight.

Additional Information:
Measures 6-2/3" W x 6-1/2"H. Made of crystalline. For indoor use. Made in Germany.

Care Instructions:
When washing by hand, avoid using scouring pads and/or abrasive detergents. To prevent spotting, combine quarter cup ammonia with a mild lemon detergent. Rinse in clean water and air dry on a rack. Clean vases and decanters by filling them half-full with moderately hot water, a small amount of mild detergent, two tablespoons of white vinegar or ammonia and 1/2 cup uncooked rice. Swirl the rice around for a few minutes to remove residue. Rinse well with moderately hot water and air dry, upside down, on a rack.

About Marquis by Waterford

For over 20 years, Marquis by Waterford has offered customers distinctive style and value. Designed by Waterford and manufactured in various countries around the world, Marquis features the same high quality in an assortment of styles - from traditional to contemporary. Marquis' premium glass construction offers the same weight and clarity as lead crystal, at a price that allows you to purchase multiple pieces for yourself and for others. Make everyday special with Marquis by Waterford!

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