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Gwen's FLOORmula Set of Two 32 oz Non-Toxic Floor Cleaners

Gwen's FLOORmula Non-Toxic Floor Cleaner is a premier floor cleaner without the threat of fumes or chemicals! The fabulous solution can be used on hardwood, granite, tile, natural stone, laminate, travertine and more. This non-toxic cleaner is safe to use around family and pets and its eco-friendly and non-polluting solution makes it a sensible addition to your floor care arsenal.

Includes two 32 oz. containers of non-toxic floor cleaner.

How to Dilute:
Shake well, remove only the measuring chamber cap and squeeze bottle (leave other lid on). Mix two full chambers (2 oz.) of Gwen's FLOORmula to 1 gallon (128 oz.) of hot water. Apply diluted solution using your normal mopping method (mop, microfiber mop, brush, etc.) and rinse or wipe clean.

For Stubborn Grout:
Mix three full chambers of Gwen's FLOORmula to 1 gallon (128 oz.) of hot water and let solution sit on tile and grout for 10 minutes (do not let dry), then wipe or rinse. For extremely stubborn grout, solution can be used full strength with a scrub brush.

**Important: As with all cleaning products, keep out of reach of children. May cause minor eye irritation. Ingestion may produce nausea and mild diarrhea. Seek medical care in case of irritation or ingestion.

Manufactured by Quick n' Brite, Inc. Made in the USA.