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Thomas Kinkade "Glory Collection" Set of Two Framed Textured Prints

The only time that Thomas Kinkade ever published a duet piece of a cottage at dawn and dusk, this duo of painting was awarded the 1993 Collectors Edition Award of Excellence. Both paintings were originally released in '93 as part of the Moments of Glory Collection.

The prints have been gelled to give the paper a textured appearance.

Glory of Morning
"For me, the quality of light is a delight! Morning light is warm with the energy of a new day, yet the cool air is heavy with mist. My Glory of Morning sparkles with the light of just such a morning - warm light filtered through myriad tiny water drops until the colors glisten. You can see that light reflected on the flowers of a fabulous garden, each color so vibrant that the garden becomes a living rainbow. Flowers, artists and Kinkade collectors all delight to the glories of a lovely morning."
-Artist Thomas Kinkade

Glory of Evening
"I painted Glory of Morning and Glory of Evening as a pair. Both explore the subtleties of transitional light, when the sky flames with a special radiance, when colors are heightened and shadows dance on the ground. But Glory of Evening is as different from its companion-piece as sunset is from sunrise. The dust of a busy day, and its low-lying clouds, reflect the violet of sunset. That violet radiance colors the garden flowers, deepening their hues. Such glorious evenings as this lay a purple cloak upon the land... and every home becomes a castle."
-Artist Thomas Kinkade

Additional Information:
These images measure 15" x 15". You'll receive a certificate of authenticity to denote these are genuine pieces of Thomas Kinkade artwork. For indoor use only. Made in the USA.