Hubert Herr Limited Edition Fairy Tale Hand-Crafted Cuckoo Clock

Watch fantasy become reality with this Limited Edition cuckoo clock – a celebration of 200 years of Brothers Grimm fairy tales. The clock shows scenery of Snow White and the seven dwarves, moving around on side of clock. It also shows Rumpelstiltskin dancing beside fire and Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. A cuckoo call rings at the half and full hour marks accompanied with music. Four wooden dancing figurines turn around on the platform above the dial. All figurines have been made from wood and are hand painted.

A genuine roof with individually assembled with hand made shingles. A night shut off system is integrated for the quiet hours.

Dimensions: 16"H x 9-1/2"L x 14"W

Limited vendor warranty: 90 days

Made in Germany.