A large spindle of discs for recording hours of fun!
These Mini DVD-R discs were developed for DVD-R/RW drives, DVD-R/RW camcorders, handycams, and can be played back in most DVD players and have a high compatibility rate. The disc must be initialized before recording and finalized after completion of recording process. They are ideal for high-volume data recording, archiving and video pre-mastering. DVD-R media is your best bet. Our DVD-Rs offer excellent data storage and dependability, qualities that have made Tepito a leader in blank CD and DVD media. Every DVD-R bulk pack provides the opportunity to save large volumes of important data that can be accessed or relayed to other parties. An excellent choice for videos, still pictures, digital audio, graphics, and data sharing, the perfect choice for business presentations and always a hot item as a hand out at conventions. Got a mini DVD-R camcorder? If so this is what you are looking for!

Features and Specifications

  • 4x, 1.4GB, 30 min disc
  • Compatible with DVD-R/RW drives, DVD-R/RW camcorders, most DVD players and more
  • Excellent for data storage and dependability

    Limited Warranty: 12 months parts, 12 months labor