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Ultimate Comfort 16 Square Feet Foam Flooring - Set of Four

Give yourself a little luxury with this anti-fatigue padded flooring. Comfortable and tough construction for excellent wear that saves your feet, legs and back. Simple to put together in any shape and color pattern to cover heavy traffic areas or an entire room.

  • 2' x 2' foam-rubber floor tiles that you easily put together in any combination
  • Cushioning 3/8" thick pads are tough and durable
  • Water-resistant and a breeze to clean
  • Jig-saw edge notches hold together even under heavy traffic
  • Textured slip-resistant surface
  • Set of four interlocking padded tiles
  • One set covers 16 sq ft
  • Product Dimensions: .375" x 24.125" x 24.125"
  • Warranty and Claims: 30 Days