Royal Doulton 9” Limited Edition Royal Wedding Day Catherine Figurine w/ Heart Ornament

This figurine, crafted in bone china, was created to celebrate the wedding of William and Catherine The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Westminister Abbey 29th of April 2011. Featuring intricate hand decorated details of her historical wedding gown, this figurine will forever remind you of how the world was captivated by the beauty, grace and elegance displayed by the Duchess of Cambridge.

Your worldwide limited edition figurine will be one of only 7,500 in the world. The special commemorative backstamp reads "To celebrate the wedding of William and Catherine The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Westminster Abbey 29th April 2011.

Creating a Work of Art
After the Wedding Day, modeler Neil Welch began working on the model using photographs and recorded footage. Neil needed to see Catherine's dress from every angle and so recorded footage was the best way. Neil's stated that he used his computer to run the recordings - pausing and printing when he found just the right angle to help him with the model. Finally, the Catherine model was complete one week after the wedding.

Chris Jackson, the figurine master painter then worked on bringing the figure to life. Chris carefully painted the hair, skin tone, eyes, lips and face, carefully matching them to the pantones that resemble those of Kate. Chris also carefully decorated the bouquet, earrings, ring and tiara using a very fine brush. To create the look of sparkling diamonds Chris applies small dots of platinum precious metal.

**Care Instructions: Great care needs to be taken when cleaning this item as it contains intricate and delicate details. It may be washed by hand, using warm water and a mild liquid detergent applied with a soft, damp cloth. It is best to use a small, soft make up brush instead of a cloth. Do not use abrasive materials or powders for cleaning. Do not submerge the product or get water inside the holes in the base. Dry the larger, open areas with a soft cloth. Allow intricate or delicate details to air dry. Be sure the item is completely dry before returning to display area.

Dimensions: 9"H x 4"W

California residents only: “Proposition 65” WARNING