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Spin Mop Deluxe w/ Two Mop Heads & Dual-Spin Bucket

Choices: Blue, Green, Grey or Purple

Easy clean up, created with dual spinning options. The dual-spin bucket holds a capacity of between 2.5 to 3 gallons and allows you to both spin-clean and spin-dry. Now you don't have to stoop to wring out your mop, touch a dirty mop head to clean it or settle for cleaning with a dirty mop head.

This new and improved version features everything people came to love about the old spin mop with a host of new and exciting features! This mop has the ability to stand at 90 degrees, and comes with a footed, dual-spin bucket. Spin in the main bucket to get the dirt off and then spin in the smaller elevated basket to dry the mop head. If that's not enough, this bucket has feet to prevent skidding on the floor. It's everything customers enjoyed about the old mop, and so much more!

Click here to purchase additional mop heads for your Spin Mop Deluxe: K400774.


  • Dry mop can be used for dusting
  • Narrow mop can reach under tables and furniture and can even be used to clean your walls, baseboards, windows, blinds, and between your refrigerator and wall
  • Mop handle can stand straight at 90 degrees - no more falling onto items on tables or hitting the wall
  • The mop head revolves 360 degrees - no more twisting your hands at odd angles
  • Rotating elevated basket holds the the mop head, with a shield in the front of the basket to prevent water from splashing outside the bucket
  • Two machine washable mop heads are included- mop heads can be machine washed up to 300 times each
  • Includes

  • Deluxe Spin Mop
  • Footed Bucket
  • Two Mop Heads
  • **Important: New mop heads are compatible only with Spin Mop Deluxe and not previous models.

    Mop Assembly: Assemble the mop handle by turning each part counter-clockwise. Remove mop head by positioning the joints parallel to you, stand on one side of the mop head, tilt handle to the side. Mop head will pop off.