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Thomas Kinkade Chapel Scenes 20" x 20" Gallery Wrap

Experience God's splendor in a magnificent setting. Each piece is created in a gallery wrap canvas design, bringing the premium style of the art gallery into your home. With a selection of three complementing scenes, you could even create a salon collection in your own home. Made in the USA.

Size: 20"H x 20"W x 1.5"D

  • "Forest Chapel" features a small chapel, with a majestic mountain in the background.
    "What's around the next bend? What lies at the end of the trail? When I walk an unfamiliar path, curiosity drives me on. 'The Forest Chapel' portrays a daydream I've had many times: often while hiking some wooded trail I've come upon a spectacular flowering meadow and thought, 'What a wonderful place to worship God.' The idea of a chapel in an unspoiled natural setting has intrigued me for years." --Artist Thomas Kinkade

  • "Mountain Chapel" features a picturesque chapel, nestled into the glorious setting of a mountainside.
    "Before we ever began to build temples in His honor, God graced us with natural sanctuaries radiant with the light of divine love and peace. In the crowded and busy world in which most of us must live, there is little enough time to seek out the secluded treasures that give testimony to a divine presence in the world. As my 'Chapels of Nature' collection unfolds, we will seek the presence of God in His lakes, forests, hills, and valleys." --Artist Thomas Kinkade

  • "Hometown Chapel" features a majestic chapel, surrounded by colorful gardens.
    "This is the chapel where we commemorate the landmarks that fill our life: the celebration of marriage, the birth of a child, the commemoration of an anniversary, and even the passing of a loved one. My hope is that my 'Hometown Chapel' will be a part of each of these landmarks, shared with others as a gift." --Artist Thomas Kinkade

  • About Gallery Wrap:
    Bring the premium style of the art gallery into your home with a gallery wrap print. In gallery wrap canvas, the artwork extends around the sides of the canvas, and the fabric canvas is attached to the back, not the sides, of the solid wood stretcher frame. You won't see any staples on the sides of the piece, so the artwork is ready to hang as is, or makes a dramatic statement in a frame of your choice.

    Additional Information:
    Weighs 1.4 pounds. You'll receive a certificate of authenticity to denote this is a genuine piece of Thomas Kinkade artwork. For indoor display only.