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Toni Brattin Marvelous Wig
Platinum Blonde- lightest or brightest blonde
Light Blonde - light ash blonde, Swedish blonde or blonde highlighted by the sun
Medium Blonde - golden blonde or dark blonde with salon highlights
Dark Blonde - honey blonde or dark blonde highlighted by the sun
Brown/Blonde - medium to light brown with salon highlights
Light Brown - honey brown or brown highlighted by the sun
Medium Brown - chestnut brown, rich brown or warm brown
Dark Brown - dark brown or almost black
Red Blonde - strawberry blonde or light red
Dark Red - auburn or dark copper
Black - black or jet black hair
Brown/Gray - smoky walnut, combination light brown with silver highlights (mouse brown)
Salt & Pepper - steel gray to dark gray
Light Gray - silver to light gray

The Marvelous Wig features a stunning short-length cut with subtle layering, lots of body and easy styling.

  • Sporty or subdued, Casual or chic - the cut and style for any occasion
  • A great anytime look - the bangs can be worn full or swept to the side
  • Easy wear - adjust the size of the wig cap with the interior sizing tabs for a comfortable and secure fit
  • Easy care - just shampoo/condition and air dry
  • Comfortable, breathable and affordable - No more bad hair days
  • Unlike human hair all Hair Fabulous Wigs and Hairpieces hold their style in rain and humidity
  • Nylon wig cap and storage box included
  • 14 colors/shades for accurate match to most hair colors
  • Enjoy a quick and easy hairstyle
  • Instantly provides full wig coverage and confidence

Check out the Additional Video tab above to learn how to prep and style your wig!

Putting on Your Wig: Remove the hair net from the wig. Gently shake the wig to separate the fibers. If your hair is long, pin it flat to your head for a smooth silhouette under the wig. Optional Tip: Use the stretch nylon wig cap (included) to hold long or short hair under the wig. This light, cool cap will control your loose ends and prevent wig slippage. Place the velvet tag in front of the wig at your natural front hairline and pull on so that the back of the wig is placed at the nape. Adjust the wig as needed by sliding it from front to back or side to side. Use a rat tail comb to slip any loose ends under the wig. Hook and loop tabs in the lower back of the wig allow you to tighten or loosen for the perfect fit. Use your fingers to create the look that's just your style.
Styling Tips: Your wig has been specially designed to be ready-to-wear. Its body and style are permanently "baked" into the fiber for no fuss styling ease. Your wig needs just a shake and gentle combing to get it into shape. Rather than trying to get every hair into place, style it loosely for a soft, natural look. You may want your hairstylist to trim and/or thin the bangs or trim the length of the wig slightly to suit your face. Do not attempt to use a color rinse on your wig as it will damage the fibers. Do not use a hair dryer, curling iron or any other heat element on your wig.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Gently remove teasing or tangles with fingers or pick comb. Add one teaspoonful of mild shampoo to basin of cool - never hot - water. Soak for 5 minutes, then gently swish up and down. Do not rub. Rinse thoroughly in cool water. Pat out excess water in a soft towel. Do not squeeze or twist. Hang to dry at room temperature. Do not brush or comb until completely dry. No setting necessary because its preset body will bounce back to its original shape.

Please note: No setting is necessary because its preset body will bounce back to its original shape. Do not use hair dryer, blow dryer or curling iron. Avoid exposure to excess heat.

Synthetic hair fiber made in Japan; hairpiece assembled in Bangladesh.