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Suzanne Somers "I'm Too Young for This!" Book w/ Tote Bag
I'm Too Young For This! Suzanne Somers writes about perimenopause and the advice of various medical professionals that she has gathered over her years of interviewing many different professional with many different viewpoints. You're moody. Cranky. Really cranky. You can't get to sleep or stay asleep. Sex is the last thing on your mind, but chocolate and maybe an extra glass of wine or two each night are welcomed with open arms. Maybe you're gaining weight (especially in the midsection), when you're doing everything you can to stay fit. And your periods, are they as erratic as you feel? If you're in your 30s or 40s and you are experiencing these symptoms, you may be in Perimenopause. The good news is you are not alone. What can you do about it? You can enjoy it! But only if you understand what's happening. Included is a black mesh zippered tote bag with Suzanne Somers logo across the front.

  • How our bodies transition hormonally-from puberty through perimenopause.
  • The common complaints of perimenopause and hidden factors that may keep you symptomatic.
  • The minor and major hormones, and the important role they play in feeling good.
  • Suzanne's recommendations on what to eat including her Perimenopausal Power Foods, as well as other lifestyle shifts.
  • A snapshot of cutting-edge research and opinions on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).
  • Your life is about to change for the better. You can feel great, be vibrant, thin, and sexy! This book shows you Suzanne's secrets how.

Please Note:
The information contained in this book, including nutritional advice, hormonal or other therapeutic regimen, and all other information is the result of experience and research of the author, the persons interviewed for or the other sources referenced in the book. Not all of the information, statements, advice, opinions or suggestions set forth in the interviews or material referenced in, the book have been evaluated by the FDA and should not be relied upon to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any condition or disease. Before beginning any diet plan, exercise program or therapeutic regimen, it is advisable to seek the advice of a physician. The distributors accept no responsibility or liability for the use of any information or material contained in this book.

Tote bag made in China; Book published in the USA.

About the Collection
Join Suzanne Somers, one of America's leading beauty and wellness celebrities, to discover effective health and beauty products inspired by her dedication to healthy living.

From organic skin care to yummy dietary supplements, you can feel confident knowing that each product is a reflection of her healthy lifestyle philosophy.

Suzanne SomersAbout the Guest
Suzanne Somers is one of America's most popular and beloved personalities. During her multifaceted career, she has achieved extraordinary success as an actress, New York Times bestselling author, entrepreneur, singer, comedienne and lecturer.

Suzanne has authored 25 books, including New York Times,, Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestsellers. There are currently more than 20 million copies of her books in print. As one of America's most informed and dedicated health care advocates, Suzanne has been acknowledged for her leading role in bringing information on today's groundbreaking anti-aging medical protocols, preventive care and healthy lifestyle to women and men across the country.

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