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Toni Brattin Contour Wig

Platinum Blonde - lightest or brightest blonde.
Light Blonde - light ash blonde, Swedish blonde or blonde highlighted by the sun.
Medium Blonde - golden blonde or dark blonde with salon highlights.
Dark Blonde - honey blonde or dark blonde highlighted by the sun.
Brown Blonde - medium to light brown with salon highlights.
Light Brown - honey brown or brown highlighted by the sun.
Medium Brown - Chestnut brown, rich brown or warm brown.
Dark Brown - dark brown or almost black
Red Blonde - strawberry blonde or light red.
Dark Red - auburn or dark copper.
Black - black or jet black hair.
Brown Grey - smoky walnut, combination light brown with silver highlights (mouse brown).
Salt & Pepper - steel gray to dark grey.
Light Grey - silver to light grey.

One minute to wow. The timeless Straight Contour Wig features a classic straight-cut hairstyle with layers of tapered hair in front and sides, which frame the face. Back flows naturally into a tapered neckline.

  • Instantly provides full wig coverage and style.
  • Easy wear - adjustable cap for secure fit.
  • Looks and feels like natural, healthy hair.
  • 14 colors/shades for easy match
  • May be styled with hairspray as desired
  • Custom fit wig cap easily adjusts to most any head size for a secure fit - nylon wig cap included.

Place wig on head and secure with adjustable nylon cap.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Gently remove tangles with fingers or pick comb. Add one teaspoonful of mild shampoo to basin of cool-never hot-water. Soak for 5 minutes, then gently swish up and down. Do not rub. Rinse thoroughly in cool water. Pat out excess water in a soft towel. Do not squeeze or twist. Hang to dry room temperature. Do not brush or comb until completely dry.

Please note: No setting is necessary because its preset body will bounce back to its original shape. Do not use hair dryer, blow dryer or curling iron. Avoid exposure to excess heat.

Made in Indonesia.