Skinn Cosmetics Six-Piece "BB Beautiful" Set

Absolute Perfection BB Cream - 1.3 oz
Color Touch Eye, Cheek & Lip Glow - 0.134 oz
Two Tint & Shine Lip Stain & Gloss Sets - 0.17 oz each Stain, 0.16 oz each Gloss
Two Dream Team Double-Ended Eyeliners - 0.03 oz each

Absolute Perfection BB Cream in "Light"
Absolute Perfection BB Cream in "Medium"
Absolute Perfection BB Cream in "Deep"

Be your most beautiful self with Skinn's amazing BB Cream and quality, versatile makeup.

Color Touch Eye, Cheek & Lip Glow:
  • A brightening touch of color that can be applied anywhere on eyes, lips, and cheeks.
  • Contains pigment to brighten the look of the skin and the whites of the eyes.
  • Color is a rose pink shade.

Absolute Perfection BB Cream:
  • BB Cream delivers a super hydrating skin brightener, with Skinn-Plexx 12, to help protect the skin from dehydration and free radical damage.
  • Virtually erases common skin flaws like large pores, discolorations, dullness and fine lines.
  • This feather weight, invisible "second skin" formulation leaves your complexion looking flawless and absolutely perfect by utilizing special incandescent pigments that brighten your skin even on the dullest of days.

Tint & Shine Lip Stain & Gloss:
  • These lip glosses are run resistant and just as important, they are non toxic.
  • Contain moisturizing aloe and Vitamin E.
  • Resist feathering and bleeding so that any woman, regardless of her age can enjoy the shine and conditioning of lip glosses.
  • "Razzle Dazzle" is a darker pink gloss & very dark berry colored stain.
  • "Peachy Keen" is a light peach colored gloss & pink colored stain.

Dream Team Double-Ended Eyeliner:
  • Double ended liners give the versatility of creating different looks and styles of eye makeup.
  • Each liner comes in a complimentary shade duo for a total of four different shade options and endless possibilities.
  • Treatment eyeliner that contain shea butter, peptides, wild yam root and grape seed extract.
  • "Copper/Bronze" eyeliner features Copper, a golden copper shade with a golden shimmer, and Bronze, a dark brown shade with a golden shimmer
  • "Black/Sea” eyeliner features Sea, an aqua blue shade with a blue shimmer and a matte black.

Absolute Perfection BB Cream:
Apply daily after moisturizing using fingertips or make-up sponge until desired brightness and coverage is achieved.

Color Touch Eye, Cheek & Lip Glow:
Use a brush or fingertip to apply to eyelids, cheekbones, and lips.

Tint & Shine Gloss Duo:
Apply the stain gently onto lips, allowing it to dry for a few seconds. Follow with the gloss and apply until desired shine is achieved.

Dream Team Double-Ended Eyeliners:
Glide on the thin side to create dramatic definition to the eyes. Follow with the thicker side to highlight and complement the liner for a polished and finished look.

Made in the United States.

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